1. Make a hole in the wall or use an already existing one.

2. Remove the glass from the aesthetic cover, by gently pressing all along the perimeter in order to disengage it from the magnets.

3. Disengage the aesthetic cover by gently pressing on the rear panel.

Elica Snap

4. Disconnect the connection cable inside the aesthetic cover.

5. Disconnect the electric cable supplied with the appliance.

a) unscrew the two screws to the left

b) cut the clamp

Elica Snap

6. Prepare what is needed for fixing the appliance:.

a) Position the rear body on the out-let hole (6a)

b) Use the rear body as a template to mark the fixing holes (6b)

c) Drill the 4 holes in the wall, according to the marks, and insert the anchors (6c)

Elica Snap

7. Position the frame behind the rear body and insert the electric cable into the specific hole.

Elica Snap

8. Position the frame and the rear body, and fix to the wall with the screws.

Elica Snap

9. Connect Snap to the selected cable.

10. Refit the aesthetic cover and connect the electronics of Snap.
Warning! Arrange the electronics wires in such a way that they do not get stuck during closing.

Elica Snap

11. Hook the aesthetic cover to the frame. Gently press on the entire perimeter.

12. Refit the glass on the aesthetic cover.

Elica Snap

Snap can be fed by the mains power network. It is now ready to be configured.
Go to the configuration procedure.