The Good Design Award for 35cc and Tiffany

6 February 2013

After the IF Design Award comes another recognition for Elica products, with 35cc and Tiffany both being awarded the Good Design Award.

This is a prestigious award determined by an international jury composed of professionals and industry experts brought together by The Chicago Athenaeum. In its long history, the competition has always recognised and rewarded the world’s most important designers. The 35CC and Tiffany hoods will be exhibited permanently in the Chicago Athenaeum Museum, following in the footsteps of Ola, the cooker hood which won the Good Design Award in 2008 and is still one of the most successful in the Elica range.

“This award really demonstrates the attention the company has always been careful to give to the design and technology of its products,” said Tiffany and 35CC’s creator, Fabrizio Crisà of the Elica Design Center. “I think that over the years we have been truly successful in introducing new ideas into the kitchen, reinterpreting the cooker hood not only in terms of appearance but also in relation to functionality, ergonomics and innovation.”