Sweet and Tiffany take the stage at the 2013 IF Design Awards

28 January 2013

Design: a word with a million meanings, a million nuances. What is “design”? When can a product be considered a “design product”? And how, without the help of a magic wand, do you go about creating a “design product”?
I believe that it’s based on a great deal of research and analysis. You have to look beyond the horizon and try to be a step ahead of the times. You have to question everything that is regarded as obvious. You have to have an intuitive awareness of the reality around you and how people are changing – their dreams, desires, anxieties, needs and daily routines. These are the fundamental ingredients.

Then you have to add in a healthy dash of inventiveness which, together with creativity, helps ideas to flourish. And at that point you’re really on your way. Here’s where it’s absolutely vital to garnish the whole thing with all those emotions that are the heart of design objects, and that requires imagination, real imagination. And the product is ready! But is it a good product? And then comes the most delicate part of all, when you have to close your eyes and look into the future, look into places where others cannot see, and “bring the product to life”. It’s crucial to have this vision of what the impact of your idea on peoples’ lives will be, what emotions will be stirred, what dreams brought forth.
When I designed Sweet and Tiffany two years ago, I thought they would be successful, that new emotions would be brought into play, both because of their innovative aspects and because of their look. When Elica trusted me enough to produce them, my thought became a hope, and I crossed my fingers. The public was so appreciative that every anxiety swiftly vanished and everything which I had imagined, together with those who had believed in my ideas, was transformed into reality.
Today, Sweet and Tiffany have officially been crowned “design products”, winning the  2013 IF Design Awards,  a prestigious international prize involving the participation of companies from all over the world with objects from every category. It’s an important recognition that confirms Elica’s position of leadership in the world of cooker hoods.


As for myself, I’m very pleased, very satisfied: I imagined the success of Sweet and Tiffany, that’s for sure – but the victory at the IF Design Awards, that really was a dream.