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Davlumbaz Duvara monte Ico Elica


Tasarım Fabrizio Crisà

Its simple, linear shape, consisting of an open geometric element that acts as a frame to a rectangular shape, made from white or black glass or stainless steel, contains the best technology in the industry.
Thanks to the Less Energy project that uses the Synairgy motor system, the most efficient in the world, it is possible make electricity savings of 50% in addition to guaranteeing optimum extraction and noise levels in any installation conditions. Not only that, the use of LEDs ensures perfect lighting for the stove and makes food preparation easier, making 90% electricity savings possible.
Due to its characteristics, Ico is particularly suitable for large areas or for cooking habits that require extended or intense cooking.
Chef Control, an innovative digital control on the display command that sets the ideal level of extraction according to the type of cooking, adds the final touch.
Perimeter extraction which brings the air flow to the outer perimeter of the hood also makes it possible to capture fumes, preventing them from circulating in the kitchen. Ico adapts to the needs of users who are careful with consumption and require excellent performance for outstanding results in the kitchen.

Bu ürünlerin artıları

  • Arka aspirasyon Arka aspirasyon
  • High Performance High Performance

Teknik özellikler

  • Genişlik


  • Enerji sınıfı


  • Sessizlik


  • Emiş gücü


  • Boyut

    80 cm

  • Kaplama

    Cam (siyah, beyaz, açik kahve) + parlak paslanmaz çelik, firçalanmiş paslanmaz çelik + parlak paslanmaz çelik

  • Versiyon

    Geri Kazanımlı

  • Kontroller

    Chef Control


    LED 2X2,5W

  • Servo hava akımı

    801 m³/h

  • Serbest Hava Akımı

    950 M³/SA

  • Gürültü seviyesi

    64 db(A)

  • Toplam emiş

    305 W

  • Kanal boyutu

    150 mm


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  • ICO BL/F/80 709369 PRF0010404A

  • ICO WH/F/80 PRF0010405A

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