Annual Report 2012 Gruppo Elica

1 Temmuz 2013

Energy and lightness
Oxygen is what makes movement and life possible. And Elica’s attitude towards innovation and competition is represented by the idea of purity and dynamism that this word embodies. That’s how Elica’s 2012 Annual Report begins, designed and realised as it is in order to place at the centre of the project an innovative concept in the world of online financial communication: emotion.
The report revolves around the theme of Oxygen, that essential element for life and movement.
The focus of the project is to render virtual interaction emotional, rather than the colder, more rational style that we are familiar with. This gives rise to the idea of deploying evocative photographic images all linked to the concept of oxygen: open skies, mountains, oceans and rivers – images that inspire dreams, giving an airy, pleasurable sensation to navigation. The content is designed to be presented in a slightly disjointed, random style, emphasising the experience of searching for particular topics and the possibility of reorganising them in a rather haphazard way, with the system following the user’s search preferences, so that a page can be navigated endlessly, scrolling into infinity.

At the same time, the Annual Report instrument maintains and implements its functional nature, essential for the specialists of the financial world and all those seeking specific information relating to the Elica universe. The site provides a variety of tools designed to respond to this necessity for targeted navigation: pop-up menus; a complete index for the balance; the “compass” present in each window that allows the user to “situate” the content being looked at in relation to the structure of the site; 
and finally a preview of the topics preceding and following the content being viewed, so that a sequential reading of information is available, should that be desired. 
A variety of different navigational methods are thus made possible, in the attempt to interpret the different ways in which each user can “immerse” themselves in the instrument, the aim being to bring their most instinctive aspects into play – since it’s sometimes easy to forget that the screen always has a real person in front of it.