The Kitchen is the Soul of the Apartment

30 Ocak 2013

For many people the kitchen is the most important room, it’s the heart and soul of the house and apartment. At the LivingKitchen 2013 in Cologne one could see and understand just why that is: The modern kitchen – first and foremost the dining and living open kitchen area –- is not only practical and functional, but also emotionally appealing and an aesthetic delight.
For a long time now the kitchen has been maturing from the closed “kitchen workshop” to the communication centre in which guests are welcomed and entertained. It reveals a lot about the lifestyle and taste of the owner and is also becoming more and more of a status symbol in the superior quality kitchen segment.

Never before have the colour selections, forms and materials been greater. And they are just as creatively as boldly combined: matt with gloss, smooth with structure, wood with glass and metal, plain and colourful. Colour has returned to the kitchen, the new flavours of the month are most notably grey, also spice colours like curry and tumeric, but also once again blue. The new kitchens are so beautiful that they are basically outranking the home furnishings. Thereby they are comfortable like never before, ergonomically planned and the appliances carry out their job virtually without a sound. 
Full surface induction cook tops enable unrestricted freedom when cooking; steamers in particular gently prepare fresh ingredients. Modern fridges keep food two to three times longer fresh. Design orientated island dining and hoods don’t merely operate functionally, but also contribute significantly to the overall design.

No wonder then, that the modern kitchen is experiencing an ever growing popularity right across the globe.

Frank Hüther was born in 1968 and has been the managing director of the AMK for approximately five years. He studied business economics, majoring in Marketing in Mainz and Mannheim. He completed a Trainee Programme at the AMK in 1993, having returned there in 2008 after several positions in corporations and medium sized companies. 

The AMK is an association for the entire kitchen industry and consists of more than 120 reputable companies, all of which are manufacturers of kitchen furniture, electro-/built-in appliances, sinks and accessories, their suppliers and trade cooperations as well as the large dealership networks for kitchens. The main work of the AMK focuses on Technology & Norms, Marketing & Press Work, Internationalisation and Trade Fairs.