New Mind edizione 2013

12 June 2013

Stay curious, never stop learning: that’s one of Elica’s fundamental values and also one of the main elements behind the conception and execution of New Mind, the Executive Master’s aimed at a group of managers hailing from China, Mexico, Poland, Italy and Russia. The objective of the Master’s is to provide new perspectives with regard to the critical factors of success in a competitive area such as the one in which Elica operates, where change is no longer an exceptional occurrence but a constant presence in company management. Thanks to the involvement of teachers from the ISTUD Business School, the participants worked to share the various interpretative keys and readings of critical managerial events coming to the fore in every area of business management – strategy, marketing, economics, operations, leadership – relating the themes regarding single functions to a global management perspective oriented at the innovation of content and processes. Above all, they have had the chance to increase their knowledge and skill levels and face the challenge of new possibilities, to learn how to react with courage when they encounter the unexpected, but also to develop faith in themselves and to be aware of their own emerging mental models. Revising their own thinking patterns, approaching problems in different ways, working for cultural integration, creating and attracting new value, even when forced to act out of their own comfort zones: these are the key messages that the New Mind program has attempted to communicate… and now, through project work, it’s time to carry out operations in the field itself!