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Range Hood Built-in Filo Elica


Design Fabrizio Crisà

Filo is made to be hidden under a kitchen cabinet, that makes it a perfect appliance for a minimalist ambient where space needs to be profited at its most.

Do not let be mistaken by its hidden position: Filo is a high performance hood with long life filters and an electronic knob that lets you easily control its LED lighting and its blower.

Product benefits

  • Long Life Filter Long Life Filter
Long Life Filter Long Life Filter

Technical features

  • Width

    60, 90, 120cm

  • Extraction capacity


  • Size

    60 - 90 - 120 cm

  • Finishes

    Stainless steel + white glass

  • Version


  • Commands

    3S+B Electronic rotative

  • Lighting

    LED 2x2,5 W 4000K

  • Max airflow

    581 m³/h

  • Noise Level

    64 db(A)

  • Total absorption

    255 W

  • Duct size

    150 mm



  • FILO IX/A/60 PRF0097455

  • FILO IX/A/90 PRF0097474

  • FILO IX/A/120 PRF0097486