How do you say “Aspiranti Aspiratori” in Chinese?

28 Pode 2013

理想抽油烟机. This is the pictogram for “Aspiranti Aspiratori”, the project that, at the invitation of the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli, the artist Sissi has realised in collaboration with Elica. 
Let’s look back over the various stages: in 2011 Sissi – an artist with a fine track record, winning the Furla Award at only 21, then subsequently notching up a series of exhibitions all round the world, from the MACRO in Rome to the MOCA in Los Angeles, via the Venice Biennale – was invited by Fondazione directors, Deborah Carè and Marcello Smarrelli, to tackle an assignment that took its cue from a theme dear to the company’s heart: to rethink the concept of air purification. Since that moment, the artist has transformed part of Elica’s Fabriano head office prototype laboratory into a real and proper studio, sharing the space daily for a year with the company technicians. The aim? To create new models of aspirator – half way between an everyday domestic appliance and a work of art – to be used for air purification. Sissi’s arrival was greeted with good humour by the employees: their new colleague turned common operational habits upside down, devising a new working methodology baptised  Organindustria, a continuous and incessant osmotic exchange between artist and working environment dedicated to creativity. The result of this process was the realisation of three “Aspiring Aspirators”, which went on to be shown at Elica’s Milan Showroom and at the MAMbo in Bologna. Now, the Aspiring Aspirators are getting ready for a visit to China: next 6th July, in fact, the three prototypes will be on show for over a month at Shanghai’s Aike-Dellarco gallery, directed by Roberto Ceresia. This is an event that will not take the form of a simple exhibition but which intends to promote the activity of the  Fondazione Ermanno Casoli and Elica in China (which, thanks to the company’s partnership with Zhejiang Putian Electrical, has been present for several years in the world’s most populous country). 
Meanwhile, the “Aspiring Aspirators” are waiting to be translated into a host of other languages as well.