Tiffany: hi-tech simplicity

13 Fevereiro 2013

One of the Elica products that aroused the most surprise at the last Salone del Mobile, a convergence of innovation and restraint, winning both the iF Product Design Award and the Good Design Award… let’s have a closer look at Tiffany
Technology is often concealed behind codes, numbers and acronyms, which help to create a sense mystery, but also sometimes, of suspicion. Here, on the other hand, usability, purity and clarity are the three characteristics that really identify Tiffany. 

In this hood, Elica has skilfully brought together some of the essential rules of simplicity: a front panel with rounded corners, black glass, white glass or white quartz finishing and a high-performance technological heart.
Tiffany, the brainchild of Elica Design Center’s Fabrizio Crisà, is ready to waken to a simple touch, even the lightest brush of your fingers. The hood incorporates an innovative infrared control interface, laterally placed and in perfect harmony with the front panel, handling air flow and illumination with merest touch. 
With reduced electrical consumption thanks to the motor system and LED lighting, Tiffany is already set for future conclusion in the Class A energy category. 
Tiffany, a name that evokes elegance and style: a product that will stun you with its amazing grace.