FAQ - Nikolatesla - Extractor Hobs

NikolaTesla is Elica’s first downdraft induction hob with cutting-edge technology and a distinctive design, featuring bold lines and high-quality materials, combining the functions of two household appliances into one product. 

Change your point of view on the kitchen: NikolaTesla combines the perfection and design of a hob with the innovative technology of a powerful and silent extractor hood.

You can find the address and contact information of the store nearest you at this link.

The hob must be cleaned after each use. 

Do not use abrasive sponges or scouring pads. Their use, over time, may ruin the glass.

Do not use chemical irritants, such as oven sprays or stain removers. 

After each use, leave the hob to cool and clean it to remove deposits and stains caused by food residue. 

Sugar or food with a high sugar content damage the hob and must be removed immediately. Salt, sugar and sand may scratch the glass surface. 

Use a soft cloth, absorbent kitchen paper or products specifically for cleaning the hob.

Do not use steam jet cleaners. If liquids accidentally or excessively leak out of the pots, the drain valve located on the lower part of the product can be opened so as to remove any residue and be able to clean in conditions of maximum hygiene. 

For cleaning, simply use a cloth moistened with neutral liquid detergents. 

Do not use cleaning tools or instruments. 

Avoid the use of products containing abrasive components and do not use alcohol.

Bridge zone is induction module technology that allows you to cook in the area between two cooking points on the same side.

Pentole contrassegnate rigorosamente con lo specifico simbolo del modulo ad induzione. 

Si consigliano vivamente le pentole con fondo completamente ferromagnetico e non quelle con fondo forato perché parzialmente conducibili. 

È consigliato utilizzare pentole a fondo piano, piatto e liscio. 

È possibile acquistare pentole ufficiali Elica al seguente link:

The E2 error means the maximum permitted temperature has been exceeded.

No, a gap must be ensured (the dimensions of which are indicated in the installation manual) to allow the internal components to cool.

Yes, it can be cleaned without the risk of coming into contact with surfaces that could be damaged.

Generally speaking, you cannot because these materials are not magnetic. Test the base of the pan with a magnet to see if it is conductive.

The Autocapture function adapts the extraction capacity to the maximum cooking level used in the cooking area whereas the Airmatic function (present only on NikolaTesla Switch) sets the most suitable extraction power based on the data detected by a sensor which distinguishes the quality of the fumes and the type of cooking.

Yes, this valve is a hole with a plastic cap that is easy to remove and reinsert.

If you want to, you can also remove the entire tray that is held in place with 2 latches or, sometimes, with magnets.

Yes, the product has a Plug & Play design, i.e. it includes all the fittings and ducting pipes needed to complete a standard fitting in a cabinet with the air outlet in the plinth, directly above the downdraft extractor area.

Yes, it does. The product automatically detects the presence of pots on the cooking areas and only activates if one is present. 

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It can weigh up to 10 kg.

Yes, it can. The nozzles for installing the product in your preferred combination are provided in the packaging (by default, nozzles for methane gas are installed).

Yes, it is. This is the Power Limitation function. 

Check the hob manual to find out to what extent it is possible to limit energy consumption. It can be activated once the downdraft hob has been installed by following the procedure in the manual. 

The power limiter limits the total absorption of the hob. By setting a higher value, the hob automatically reduces the power of the first plate activated.

Yes, it does. This is a level between 0 and 1 which maintains a constant temperature, ideal for keeping food hot when ready.

This function allows you to set the temperature on 3 pre-set levels only on NikolaTesla One HP, i.e.:

To slowly melt delicate products without affecting their characteristics (e.g. chocolate, butter, etc.).
To keep food hot without reaching boiling point.
To simmer food for prolonged periods (e.g. ragout, soups, vegetable soups, bain-marie) by maintaining a controlled cooking level and preventing food from boiling over or burning on the base of the pan.

First, check the installation manual to see if it is a problem that you can solve on your own (Troubleshooting section). If not, contact your local service partner indicated at this link or Contact us and communicate the error code.

Yes, this is always a good idea. You can buy original Elica pans and lids at the following link:

If the product has the Power Booster function, it means that is has an additional power level which remains active for a maximum of 10 minutes, after which the power returns to the level previously set.

NikolaTesla has 4 cooking areas: 2 on the right and 2 on the left. The sum of the cooking areas on the right or left cannot be greater than 16 A = 3700 W. 

It is, therefore, only possible to use one area with the Power Booster on each side. If you set a higher power on both the right and left side, the hob will automatically reduce the power of the first cooking area activated. If, however, NikolaTesla is set with the Power Limitation, this limit is lowered to the absorption set. 

We recommend, however, checking the indications in the product’s use and maintenance manual.

To prevent scratches on the induction hob surface we recommend AVOIDING the use of containers with uneven, enamel or rough bottoms.

 Furthermore, after every use let the hob cool and, only after, clean it to remove stuck-on foods and stains left by food residues. Sugar, salt or foods with high sugar content may damage the hob surface and should be removed immediately. 

Remove them with a soft cloth, absorbent paper towels or specific products for hob cleaning.

To replace a gas hob with a NikolaTesla, we recommend contacting a specialized shop that will design an installation project based on your needs. 

Find your nearest retailer at the following link: Distribution | Elica.

If the newly installed product is making an abnormal noise, we suggest contacting the person who installed it. 

The cause may be due to non-suitable piping (size, type, length, taping) or non-compliance with the instructions specified in the user manual.

Power consumption in KW is found on the Elica.com site, in the technical features of each single product, along with the related power limitations that you can set. 

This feature may be activated even after the extractor hob has been installed by following the procedure explained in the booklet.

Consumption depends on various factors: the power consumption in KW set, if the power limitation feature has been activated; the number of hot-plates being used at one time; the power level set for each plate; type of cooking and utensils used. 

The information relating to consumption and energy saving is given in the use and maintenance manual and in the technical features of each product, as well.

Yes, it is. Just as NikolaTesla revolutionised the modern world with his invention, Elica has revolutionised the way you cook with the NikolaTesla downdraft extractor hob.