Marie, the smart fragrance diffuser

11 Ноябрь 2014
The quality of air and its infinite nuances: this has always been Elica's guiding force. And it has led today to Marie, the smart fragrance diffuser, an innovative design object by Fabrizio Crisà that neutralises odours in the kitchen and spreads its perfume in a natural way throughout the house.
Its compact size, USB rechargeability and handy remote control make it extremely portable, so it can easily be carried from the kitchen to any room in the house.
Two lines of capsules are available, each containing 5 different naturally-based fragrances: "Chef Secrets", featuring fresh notes of herbs, citrus and tea, and ideally suited for the kitchen thanks to the special odour-neutralising Neutralyx molecule, and, for the living area, "Senses Emotions" with oriental notes of spices and woods.
We look forward to seeing you at our Milan showroom in Via Pontaccio 8 on Thursday 27th November at 7.00 pm for a preview presentation of Marie, the smart fragrance diffuser, with a special exhibition curated by stARTT.