Om celebrates its 10-year anniversary with a restyling. And the family expands.

2 September 2014

Ten years ago, in 2004, the first ever vertical kitchen hood was launched on the market: Om went on to become an icon, for which Elica is still famous on an international scale, and still represents the perfect combination of design and technology.

Following on from Om, Elica launched a series of hoods which retain the styling and functional benefits of the vertical installation and adapt to the requirements of every kitchen to perfection. In 2014, Elica presents the new version of Om, called Om Air, and the new vertical kitchen hoods Amélie, Elle, Nuage, Stripe and Soo.

"Restyling a successful product such as Om was a genuine challenge", explains its designer Fabrizio Crisà. "To do it, I looked for inspiration in the automotive world and I made its distinguishing features more visible, making Om even more simple".