Elica takes part in Area30

14 September 2016

Elica participates for the sixth time at Area 30, the kitchen fair taking place in Germany, at Lohne from the 17th to the 22nd of September. This will be the perfect occasion to officially introduce the German market to the new products presented at Eurocucina FTK 2016, as well as our new We Are The AIRchitects campaign, which enhances the concept of air domotics and Elica’s ability to manage and monitor household air, just like real “air architects”.

The spotlight will be on the automatic aspiration systems, which are ranked in the top energy classes and have the lowest noise level ratings, as well as a filtering efficiency significantly above the standards and innovative lighting that adapts with other lighting elements in the kitchen. Products, which are able to automatically detect the quality and quantity of vapors and odors, guaranteeing top performance. The hood is no longer just a hood, but a smart device that communicates with other systems, in order to assure that kitchen air is thoroughly purified.

Three new product lines will be presented at Area 30 MOW: Stream, for anyone who loves simple and intuitive air domotics with interconnected products, Téchne, for lovers of very high performance and Iconic, with its hoods conceived for anyone who loves design, with attention to every detail, thanks to innovative materials which are always in line with the latest trends. NikolaTesla, the aspirating induction hob, will be one the flagship products on show, belonging to the Stream product line: the brand new system by Elica, which will also be ‘involved’ in various cooking shows, organized during the event.

Finally, demonstrating the connectivity typical of the Stream line, there will be the “triptych” made up of the Diamond induction hob, the Edith Sense hood, winner of numerous design awards, and Elica’s latest creation, Snap, the new Air Quality Balancer. These three products make up an integrated system, which is able to communicate thanks to specific sensors: a new way of living inside the home, characterized by connectivity and functionality, which is typical of Elica -The AIRchitects.

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