Marie - The Smart Fragance Diffuser

Marie Fragrance diffuser by Elica

Design Fabrizio Crisà

From it expertise in air treatment, Elica has created Marie, the innovative and attractively designed fragrance diffuser that neutralises odours in the kitchen and naturally perfumes the air in your home.

Marie Fragrance diffuser by Elica

How Marie works

The fragrance diffuser Marie's cold technology avoids overheating to ensure safe and practical use. To activate Marie, just insert the capsule and turn on the diffuser by touching the logo. Air, conveyed through the capsule, will spread the fragrance throughout the environment. Elica's fragrance diffuser Marie is easy to activate and recharge: it can be easily used all over the home.

  • Well being fragrance

    Well being fragrance

  • Neutralyx molecule fragrances

    Neutralyx molecule fragrances

  • Alcohol free fragrances

    Alcohol free fragrances

  • Cold technology

    Cold technology

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

Marie fragrance diffuser: fresh, perfumed air

Discover Elica's innovation and design for comfort in your home

White Black Red
Dimensions Value
Depth 8 cm
Width 8 cm
Height 13 cm
Weigth 480 gr
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Discover Marie's fragrances

Discover the fragrances that Elica has designed for your home and choose the Marie fragrance most suitable for your environment and taste: Chef Secrets, designed to neutralise odours in the kitchen, and Sense Emotion and Well-Being, suitable for all the rooms in your home.

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Chef secrets collection

With Neutralyx molecule, designed to neutralise kitchen odours.

Senses emotion collection

Designed for a sense of well-being in every room

Well-Being collection

Fresh fragrance that give a feeling of well-being and positivity