Elica, new air in Paris

25 February 2015

We will be in Paris soon: on 6 March, in the splendid setting of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Elica will present the philosophy which has always guided its strategies to the market and the French media.
The occasion for the event is the opening of Elica France, created to strengthen the company's presence on one of the world's major markets. Elica's leading products will be presented during the event in an original setting created by the stARTT firm of architects on invitation of the Ermanno Casoli Foundation: the mise-en-scène will highlight the products in the Monumental Hall of the Hotel de Galiffet, home to the Instituto Italiano di Cultura.
The setting emphasizes the importance of art for Elica which, through the initiatives promoted by the Ermanno Casoli Foundation, has been fostering dialogue between the worlds of art and enterprise for many years.