We are!

15 May 2013

Elica is delighted to present We Are, a new project involving the children of Elica plant employees in Italy, Poland, Germany and Russia who, together, will be taking part in a stimulating intercultural study trip. The project is part of the Elica Life program, a series of welfare and worklife balance initiatives which the company has been promoting over the past years.
We Are is designed to be a truly growthful experience, aimed not only at learning English but also at the personal enrichment which comes from experiencing daily contact, and working together, with young people of different nationalities and cultures.

We Are has been created with the aim of broadening the vision of the young, developing themes dear to the Group’s heart such as internationalisation and cultural integration, which are fundamental for the education of new generations.
During the trip, which will take place in July, the young We Are participants will learn English both through traditional classroom methods and through sporting and recreational activities.
The youngsters, accommodated in a linguistic and sports campus in the Golun area of Poland, will thus be getting an early start on their journey to becoming world citizens… together!