What they say about Dolce

24 September 2013

Six colours, new materials, LED lights: one of Elica’s leading products, Dolce is designed by Fabrizio Crisà and winner of the IF Product Design Award 2013. We asked 4 directors and chief editors from the most prominent design and interior decor publications to describe Sweet with a quick thought, a personal comment or a tweet. And this is what they said…

Raffaella Razzano, director of Ambiente Cucina  

"Playing with memory is no joke, it’s perhaps the most difficult task for a designer. Sweet hits the target perfectly: it has shapes and colours that feel immediately familiar but the design is essential and fascinating even for those who, like me, love what’s contemporary. Knowing Elica technological research, I’m sure it works really well too."

Anna Montalbetti, director of Progetto Cucina 
"In the kitchen, I love simple lines and squares, but I also need something that knows how to satisfy my need for cheerfulness and warmth. All it takes is one object with soft, persuasive lines capable of creating something unique for the environment where I spend so much of my time. So I can imagine a white minimalist kitchen with a green Sweet hood at its centre and that would just bring everything to life!"

Benedetto Marzullo, editor of Living - Corriere della Sera Interior Magazine
"In the dim light, the shapes arouse a sensation of memory. Soft. Then you turn on the Sweet hood’s LEDs and everything is projected into the twenty-first century: shiny materials, touch controls, gridless airflow. Silent. The colours take you by surprise: white, obviously, but also blue, orange, green, dove grey and ivory. When the lights go out again, it once more seems to be the cooker hood that has always been there."

Maddalena PadovaniInterni
"With this hood, everything depends on the glossy colour that bursts out and brings personality to even the most anonymous kitchen. A little like a red lacquer lipstick and the way it immediately makes a woman’s face stand out, even without the presence of other makeup. The important thing is to know how to carry it off …”