E-Straordinario for Kids

7 September 2015

E-STRAORDINARIO for Kids is an artistic-didactic workshop organised by the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli for the children of Elica employees.
Taking part in the workshop this year, on September 10th, in addition to Elica’s young representatives, there will also be a group of children of employees from Fileni, another prestigious company in the area.
This third edition of E-STRAORDINARIO for Kids will feature internationally known Italian artist Elisabetta Benassi, accompanying the children in a highly creative laboratory. The title of the workshop (curated by Marcello Smarrelli) is Prototypes and it will take place over a day at the company’s nerve centre, Elica’s Fabriano headquarters: the ideal observation point for the children to learn about their parents’ working environment and get to the very heart of their daily activities. The artist and her “mini-team” will make use of the “technical advice” of Elica’s prototype developers and designers, redeploying the hoods made by the company in an imaginative way. The children will thus become “prototype makers” for a day, providing a new perspective on the models, features and possible uses of an industrial product.