Elica in the 'SWITCH ON" exhibition

19 April 2016

ELICA: A protagonist in the 'SWITCH ON - Dal manodomestico all’elettrodomestico' exhibition.

Past, present and future mingle in our discovery of the household appliances revolution.

Elica is one of the protagonist in the 'SWITCH ON – Dal manodomestico all’elettrodestico (From the Manodomestic to the Household electrical appliances)' exhibition conceived by Sarah Spinelli (Studio Pixel) and curated by Anty Pansera and Maria Teresa Chirico at the Biblioteca Umanistica dell’Incoronata in Milan, from 9 to 22 April 2016.

The exhibition is a showcase of some of Elica's most interesting and valued ‘historical’ appliances,  as well as its most modern and innovative kitchen  hoods, which have contributed to the change in our life style and the domestic environment management during the last decades. Elica has produced several hoods in its over 45 year-long activity and has played a significant role in the way Italians live in their kitchens and houses through their s innovative design and technology.

The public will have the great opportunity to view pieces such as, for example, Eliexport, which is one of the first hoods produced by Elica in the factory based in Fabriano in 1972; Pescecappa (2009) one of Elica most original product designed by the architect/designer Gaetano Pesce and manufactured in a very limited series of only 15 pieces; the Om Air, a development of the first vertical hood in the world, Om (2004), that was included in the Adi Index, whose design is based on simple and elegant square and circle shapes and combines unique design, cutting-edge technology and energy efficiency and the Edith belongs to the New Evolution (2005) product line, the first high performing chandelier hoods collection, and guarantees air-and-light quality and the right atmosphere in every space. Visitors will marvel at Diamond, the wireless induction hob that "speaks" to the hood to optimise aspiration power and consumption; and finally Snap, the new high-tech air quality balancer that automatically monitors and provides a better air quality, through its three sensors and a sophisticated algorithm. This has been recently launched and is the first product that Elica has promoted on the IOT (the Internet of Things) in partnership with Vodafone and IBM.

The ‘ Switch-ON- Dal Manodomestico all’elettrodomestico’ exhibition perfectly combines  the values of the brand, which has always aimed at bettering the quality of life of Italians since the very beginning, by introducing  innovation, creativity, design and efficiency into their houses.

Switch-ON Dal Manodomestico all’elettrodomestico – Free entrance

Biblioteca Umanistica dell’Incoronata - Corso Garibaldi 116, Milano

Opening times:  9 - 11 April and 18 - 22 April 16.00 - 20.00 || 12 - 17 April (Design Week) 11.00 - 22.00