Presenting Sillage, the limited edition of Marie for Save the Children

25 September 2015

On the occasion of EXPO 2015, Elica and the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli chose to support the food security and education work of Save the Children by presenting the artist Ettore Favini’s project Sillage in the Save the Children Pavilion.

The title is a term taken from the vocabulary of the world of perfume: “sillage” refers to the scent trail that a perfume leaves around us, capable of overcoming barriers and filtering into the surrounding environment. In line with this definition, Sillage is realised as a constantly changing work in progress in four phases, gradually transforming and becoming ever more abstract until it develops into a trail of scent. Favini began the process by creating sculptures through reusing the bodies of Elica hoods (Edith, Seashell and Audrey). For the second phase, he planted the interior part of the sculptures with five types of crop (barley, oats, almonds, fennel and aniseed), turning the sculptures into “vases”. The third stage involved the essences generated over the months being used, thanks to the help of expert “noses”, to create a fragrance specifically for Elica fragrance diffuser Marie. For the fourth and final phase of the project, Favini created a special cover for the diffuser, employing a deconstructed still life image obtained by photographing a composition made from the plants grown in the hood sculptures during the Expo. Sillage can be described as a complex project, therefore: an innovative design product, a work of art, a process closely linked to themes that have always been dear to the heart of Save the Children and, more generally, to the subject of EXPO 2015 itself – Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.


The climax of Sillage will be the launch event scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 30th in Milan’s highly prestigious Palazzo Visconti.  There will be over 150 international Elica customers in attendance, together with journalists and many other guests, including the artist Ettore Favini and Save the Children representatives. Based around the wide range of input and transformational states involved in Sillage, the event aims to create a stimulating, multifaceted environment dedicated to the five senses.