The Elica ring

24 März 2014

A suspended ring of light enclosing a garden, a domestic exterior shaded and protected by the foliage of trees – this is the concept chosen for the Salone del Mobile 2014 to describe the path taken by Elica, a perfect balance between technological know-how, research, production activity, environmental awareness and sensitivity to contemporary art. At the stand, designed by Studio stARTT, the company displays its new collection of cooker hoods and defines the areas of technological innovation that will influence the kitchen environment over the next few years.

A sequence of spaces, alternating between open and closed, wide and narrow, glade and forest, porous and dense, designed especially to enhance, in a sort of artistic installation, the styles, shapes and materials of the Elica products on show. The various areas of the stand will be dedicated to specific functions, with a welcome zone, meeting rooms, a socialising area and transition and exhibition spaces. EuroCucina 2014 will also be the occasion for the Italian launch of the GUTMANN brand, acquired by Elica in 2008, introducing the latest tailor-made creations that combine Italian design with German technology.

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