In Moscow with Contemporary Air

18 November 2013

The beautiful historic residence Dom Spiridonova in the centre of Moscow is the location chosen for Contemporary Air, an Elica event where the company is presenting the best of its cooker hood collection: from products that have made the history of the brand, like Om and Star, to the very latest hoods such as 35CCSweet and Tiffany, winners of some of the most prestigious design awards.

Contemporary Air is also the representation of the vision of an innovative company which, with the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli, has introduced contemporary art into the world of industry and even managed to create a positive impact on the production processes themselves. Also on show in Moscow will be the Pescecappa hood designed for Elica by Gaetano Pesce and produced in a limited edition of 15 pieces, together with examples of video documentation that, during the event, will illustrate the numerous projects that have actively involved international artists working alongside hundreds of employees in the corporate offices.

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