Elica + Gutmann: an audacious combination

23 Mayo 2013

Elica, its  products famous for their creative, cutting-edge design,  has been synonymous with quality, technical excellence and innovation since 1970.

Since 1997, Gutmann cooker hoods, with their “tailor-made” systems and high-quality technical performance, have trail-blazed trends on the market.

In 2008 Elica and Gutmann came together to give life to a new page in the history of design and technology. The merger with Gutmann allowed Elica to round off its catalogue with “Handmade in Germany” hoods.  Muhlacker research and development combined with Fabriano design to produce project solutions that, following the principles of “Aria nuova” and innovative design, have gone on to enrich the world of the kitchen.

Fruitful exchange and solid teamwork have resulted in the two models Seagull and Wizard, perfect examples of Italian design and German technology. Seagull’s main feature is its very restraint: ergonomic and functional studies married to new forms, creating a unique downdraft model. Wizard, on the other hand, unites illumination and movement, for a complete, futuristic “all-in-one” product.

The Fabriano-Muhlacker axis has developed over time into a continuous “Sturm und Drang” of ideas and creativity, where Italian genius meets German rationality.