Elica premieres new products at Area30 2018

13 September 2018

Innovation and design for a true cooking experience revolution.


Elica takes part for the 8th year to Area30, the hotspot for kitchens during the Küchenmeile A30, taking place in Lohne from 15th to the 20th of September, at stand C31. Elica will introduce the German market to its latest products, which epitomize the philosophy of innovation and design that sets the brand apart. 

Area30 is the ordering fair for kitchen studios, specialist kitchen retailers, retail chains, large sales outlets, designers and architects, and the central focus of the autumn trade fairs. In this occasion Elica will show Germany its values and products through 3 exhibition spaces: Inspiring Cooking, Silence and Lighting

The concept of Inspiring Cooking is related to the new NikolaTesla family line. Switch, Libra, Prime and Upside, four innovative induction hobs with integrated extraction created to revolutionize everyday life and turn the kitchen’s view upside down. Induction and extraction are perfectly combined in these four design pieces where the search for harmony and maximum attention to detail, together with innovative functions and unique performances, represent the highest expression of technology and design. NikolaTesla line is the perfect synthesis of cooking and extraction, smart, powerful and silent products offering consumers a genuine revolution in the kitchen, with truly unprecedented results.

Silence represents the world of Haiku, the range of extractor hoods embodying the essence of clean lines, extraction, quiet and materials. This new Elica system is the result of the desire to simplify and create a pure form, freeing it of superfluous elements, while at the same time enriching it with different contents that work together in harmony. In just 32 cm of depth we find all the concepts making Haiku an extremely innovative hood for its category. The body and flue are perfectly aligned without any discontinuity, creating a single edge that delineates the entire product. Harmony and simplicity are the two basics on which Haiku is based. The cast iron effect aluminium grilles perfectly show the aesthetic linearity which strongly characterise the product. They are easy to remove and are equipped with a blocking system designed to avoid accidental falls.

Lighting is the basic concept behind Lullaby: an architectural, textural and lighting project that becomes the silent protagonist of the kitchen, offering new points of view and giving life to unprecedented situations in which users are pleasantly enveloped by a welcoming environment. The even, balanced distribution creates sensational and unique atmospheric lighting, with the possibility of adjusting the intensity and choosing the most suitable white tone. Lighting, beside Lullaby, hosts three other hoods that mirror the same concept: Illusion, Hilight and Skydome. With these design products, through a series of innovative lights, a unique atmosphere can be created in perfect harmony with the kitchen and the living room.

Elica can boast 40 years of history in the world of extractor hoods. Its experience in the field together with the innovative thinking and the creativeness that characterize Elica identity have made it possible to give birth to numerous different and ground-breaking products. In this context Elica, beside NikolaTesla, Lullaby and Haiku lines, will also showcase other interesting products in a dedicated space. Some of these are: Stripe, Hidden and Elite.

There will be also a show cooking area, where talented chefs will show all the interesting features of NikolaTesla Switch by making tasty and interesting recipes. Furthermore Elica will enforce its presence with a show-trailer next to the fair (Oeynhausener Str. 65 Lohne). As a leader of design extractor hood field, Elica at Area30 aims to show how its knowledge and its expertise allow the company to keep improving through the years, giving birth to brilliant products able to meet consumers needs and simplify their kitchen experience, not forgetting aesthetic and design that has always distinguished Elica.