Put your heads together with Elica to invent the house of the future!

16 September 2014

Elica will be at LIVING HACKATON an event organized by H-FARM on 27th and 28th September in Rome – representing, along with Valcucine and Slamp, the very best of Italian excellence in the world of decor and design.

The 24-hour marathon event will open Innovation Week / Maker Faire Rometaking place from September 28th to October 5th – and will be entirely dedicated to the development of a project with the potential to revolutionize the home environment, providing it with increased connectedness through the use of innovative technologies. The teams involved, made up of developers, designers and marketing specialists, will have a whole night to come up with ideas following the briefs from the companies. On Sunday morning, after a long and sleepless night, the teams have to present a working prototype to show to the companies.
Awards will be given to the best projects by a special jury selected from the companies taking part.