IFA: a leap into the future

20 September 2013

As the working day becomes increasingly more frenetic and turbulent, most people try to improve the quality of their leisure time through technological solutions that simplify their lives and with products that, depending on the occasion, enable them to relax, to interconnect with the world around them, to save energy or to find stimulation and excitement. There is a vast assortment of such solutions available nowadays, but to learn about trends in new technology the best way was to make a trip to Berlin to the 53rd edition of the IFA, the largest European exhibition of consumer electronics.
On show were televisions with screens that are larger and thinner than ever, together with high energy class domestic appliances that make it possible to lower energy impact to minimum levels. We interacted with tablets and smartphones where a simple click provides you with information and details regarding any topic: taking a photo of a monument, a square or a book can instantly tell you everything you need to know. And at the other end of the scale there were homes with sophisticated domestic automation systems that can operate appliances, optimize energy tariffs and serve all family needs.
In brief, new products, new languages, new forms of entertainment, conjuring up a future that is increasingly converging with the present.