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Davlumbaz Duvara monte Belt LUX Elica

Belt LUX

Tasarım Fabrizio Crisà

A harmonious blend of two geometric entities, Belt is composed of a tilted bottom panel, overlapped in the middle by a horizontal element in relief. Not only elegant lines and soft shapes, Belt is an ergonomic product that leaves freedom for movement when preparing food with the head saver profile that means the kitchen can be used to the full without the fear of accidental bumps.
The central element made of polished steel conceals the extraction source, contrasted in the base panel made from brushed steel or black or white glass with rounded corners.
Compared to the elegant black or white glass version, the appearance is edgier in the steel on steel version, where this material gives the product austerity.
The central panel on runners is removable so it is easy to access to the removable metal grease filter to wash it and the removable carbon filter.
The function control is activated with a capacitive touch control and just a light tap activates both extraction and the halogen lighting.
The hood is available in 55 cm and 80 cm versions, so you can choose the size that best suits your kitchen.
Belt, with its soft lines, embraces the air of your kitchen.

Bu ürünlerin artıları

  • Arka aspirasyon Arka aspirasyon
  • Uzun ömürlü filtre Uzun ömürlü filtre
  • Easy Maintenance Easy Maintenance

Teknik özellikler

  • Genişlik

    55, 80cm

  • Enerji sınıfı


  • Boyut

    55 - 80 cm

  • Versiyon


  • Kaplama



    Led 2x2,5 W 3500 K

  • Kontroller

    Touch control capacitivo 3V+I

  • Servo hava akımı

    590 m³/h

  • Ses seviyesi min max

    46-61 db(A)

  • Toplam emiş

    225 W


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  • BELT WH/F/55 PRF0038445B

  • BELT BL/F/55 PRF0034211B

  • BELT WH/F/80 PRF0038443B

  • BELT IX/F/55 PRF0034012B

  • BELT BL/F/80 PRF0032793B

  • BELT IX/F/80 PRF0033852B


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Davlumbaz Duvara monte Belt LUX Elica


Davlumbaz Duvara monte Belt LUX Elica

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Davlumbaz Duvara monte Belt LUX Elica


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