Social Responsibility

For the Elica, Social Responsibility is the coming together of four important elements: Business, Conservation, Community and Culture. This is the basis for the "Elica formula": BC3. Being socially responsible, means being responsible not only for the environment and the physical surroundings of Elica offices and plants around the world, but also for people and communities, which are our most important resource. Social responsibility is a priority commitment for Elica, one which is given concrete expression through the observance of workers' rights, caring for people, the use of a participatory system of industrial relations, contributions to sustainable development, reductions in emissions and energy during production and fair and transparent communication. In 2011, the Group signed the Charter for Equal Opportunities and Equality at Work, promoted by Sodalitas, under the patronage of the Office of the President of the Republic. The objective of the Charter is to encourage and disseminate a corporate culture and human resource policies that are inclusive, free of discrimination and prejudice and able to exploit the talents and the full diversity of all.