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Hood Built-in LEVER Elica


Design Fabrizio Crisà

Lever is the built in hood with a very simple and essential design that conceiled into the cabinets. It’s provided with a front visor that protects the shutter of the cabinets from the cooking steam.

Product benefits

  • Total Integration Total Integration
  • Long Life Filter Long Life Filter
Total Integration Total Integration
Long Life Filter Long Life Filter

Technical features

Lever has a  very simple design that was studied to totally hide in the cabinets, and so, garantees the cabinets linerity. When open, it prevents the steam to reach the cabinets thanks to its glass visor that, together with its high performance motor, guarantees a great steam uptake and avoids it to reach the cabinets. Lever is provided with a micro switch that allows it to activate or desactivate lights and suction with at the last used speed, simply by opening or closing the front visor. 
  • Width

    60, 90, 120cm

  • Energy class


  • Size

    60 - 90 - 120 cm

  • Version

    Duct out

  • Finishes

    Stainless steel + glass

  • Lighting

    LED 2x2,5 W 3500K

  • Controls

    3s Mechanical Push Button

  • Max airflow

    603 m³/h

  • Min-Max Noise Level

    46-67 db(A)

  • Total absorption

    255 W

  • Duct size

    150 mm


Grease aluminium filter included


Click here to download Energy Label and Product Fiche



  • LEVER IX/A/56 PRF0160153

  • LEVER IX/A/86 PRF0160152

  • LEVER IX/A/116 PRF0163362

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