Island kitchen: how to choose a hood

Island kitchen: how to choose a hood

Do you have an island kitchen and don’t know which hood to choose? Discover Elica solutions and get inspired to select the hood or extractor hob that is right for you.

The kitchen has always been a social gathering place, full of past memories and hopes of future moments of togetherness. As a result, design and architecture have upgraded all the elements that make up a kitchen space.

In this way, an island kitchen is the best layout to guarantee high functionality without compromising on the social role of the kitchen, which goes beyond a simple place to cook in. However, the charm of island kitchens should not distract attention from the need to design available space from a different perspective and provide it with all necessary elements: choosing the extraction system that best meets the design needs of the environment, is essential. Let’s see what hoods are best suited for island kitchens, along with other innovative solutions.

Island kitchen: which hood should I choose?

The selection of an island kitchen means rethinking the positioning of your appliances, as well as other kitchen components.

Moving the hob to the center of the room is not only an aesthetic choice, but also creates a space where whoever is cooking can easily interact and socialize with guests. Therefore, this area becomes a true multifunctional and easily accessible ‘work station’.

In order to allow for central island installation, first you must reconsider some elements, originally designed for wall installation: no longer traditional hoods but, for example, ceiling hoods.

Ikona Maxxi Pure
Ikona Maxxi Pure
Open Suite Superior
Open Suite Superior

Island kitchen hoods: ceiling hoods

A ceiling hood is an essential element to allow this change in kitchen concept. The ceiling hood is positioned on the ceiling over the hob, with duct out or filtering versions, according to need and architectural layout:

  • In the case of duct out hoods, the air captured by the fan above the hob is simply filtered from grease and expelled outside the home (as in Ikona Maxxi Pure)
  • In the case of filtering hoods, the air goes through both a grease and an odor filter, usually an activated charcoal filter, that remove any organic residue present in the air and is then recirculated back into the indoor space. (as in Open Suite)

There are many Elica ceiling hood solutions, with duct out or filtering versions, minimal or exclusive design, to meet any island kitchen design need.

Island kitchen hoods: Island and suspended hoods

Elica offers a number of hood models for island kitchens: versatile design elements for the utmost customization of any space.

A particular type of island hood is the suspended hood: a true décor element that integrates both air and lighting features.

Suspended hoods are available in filtering modes, and hang from the ceiling above the hob to efficiently extract cooking vapors. The design of our Interstellar hood has been studied to replicate the look of an elegant chandelier. Suspended hoods are further kitchen lighting focal points, and optimize room lighting, thanks to integrated LED systems: with the Dim Light feature it is possible to adjust the hood LED brightness, while the Tune White feature regulates white tone from cool to warm.

NikolaTesla Libra

Innovative island kitchen: the extractor hob

Is a perfectly functional central island kitchen without a hood possible? The answer to this question is: yes, a kitchen without a hood is possible. This is thanks to innovative induction extractor hobs, such as in Elica’s NikolaTesla line.

An induction extractor hob integrates an extraction system into the hob, which is usually separate from the burners. In such all-in-one solutions, the extraction fan is found in the hob itself and extracts vapors from below, thus reducing the possibility of dispersion throughout the room. NikolaTesla induction extractor hobs have one-of-a-kind features:

  • ability to capture fumes before dispersion, thanks to a capture speed of 5,1 m/s
  • minimum noise level (54 dB at max power)
  • smart sensors that adjust extraction speed depending on fume quality and quantity
  • Bridge Zone feature to combine more cooking zones
  • elegant and linear design

Check out this section into our site and choose the induction extractor hob that best matches your kitchen style.