Before Snap was produced, it had been the focus of scientific studies developed by a prestigious institute on environmental research which is certified and operates throughout Europe. The device had been installed in a test room, where three typologies of possible environmental indoor ‘contaminations’ had been reproduced: simulation of a cooking session, smoke from cigarettes in overcrowded rooms, and contamination from micro-organisms.

Measurements carried out before and after the contamination and successively following the activation of Snap, have demonstrated that both the chemical and physical polluting agents (Voc, nicotine, aldehydes, aromatic, poly-cyclical hydro-carbons) as well as micro-biological ones (dust, pollen, mites, viruses, bacteria) were substantially reduced thanks to Snap.

In particular, the measurement of Voc and the particle count, have demonstrated the capacity of Snap to report values exactly to their starting points (and hence to the level they were in the pre-cooking phase) after just 30 minutes of operation.

Dust, mites, cigarette smoke, spray, strong odours, excessive vapour, molds, bacteria are no longer a problem!

With Snap air-quality is guaranteed.


Constant ideas exchange with consumers has been vital in the development of SNAP.
From the moment the idea was conceived to the moment of its launching, Elica product has been driven by the needs of end-users, thanks to the continuous exchange the company had with its researchers.

The shared results of the work-teams and the trial-tests carried out on the product placed in real use conditions, performed by independent institutes, have pointed out that having a SNAP at home, is extremely important for 93% of the users (or at least for the great majority of them) and following a long trial period of SNAP:

  • 98% (almost the whole 'sample') of the users have declared that SNAP represents an innovation and a real technological innovation
  • 100% of the users declare that they are satisfied with the performance of SNAP
  • 83% has affirmed that SNAP is a design-object that enhances any home