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    Among all appliances, the cooker hoods are probably the one that should be most carefully selected. It must both illuminate the worktop and rid the kitchen of cooking odours, vapours and grease, while first and foremost, serving as a design element in the space. Find the perfect solution to fit your needs in the Elica Cooker Hoods section: whether you have a modern, minimal, design or traditional kitchen, you can find the best hood for your needs here. Are you in the market for an island cooker hood? Elica offers original, high performance hoods, or other models with space saving solutions for small spaces such as Summilux , or modular and customizable options like Open Suite Superior. There is also a kitchen hood and air purifier in one single product: In fact, Ikona Maxxi Pure, is the kitchen hood that removes cooking vapours and odours, while its purifier treats household air throughout the day.


    Kitchen hoods: all models

    How do I choose the best extractor hood for my kitchen? Start from the style and size of your kitchen, because based on these you may need a wall-mounted cooker hood, island, built-in, ceiling, downdraft or corner hood. Even the style is important: a hood for a modern kitchen has unique design, which is quite different from that of a hood for a traditional kitchen.

    A downdraft hood, for example, allows you to save space, only coming out from the countertop when needed, and going back to its place when finished. An island hood allows you to select original design solutions, a built-in hood perfectly blends in with your kitchen, while a ceiling cooker hood becomes one with the environment.

    Elica kitchen extractor hoods have been designed to make maintenance and cleaning operations fast and easy: all components such as filters are easily removable, washable and replaceable. Some are equipped with Long Life Filter ++, an innovative system that guarantees maximum performance and are regenerable up to 5 years, making them environmentally friendly. Some Elica kitchen hoods are part of the connected line: they are controllable via the Elica Connect App or through voice control. In addition, the App is also a product maintenance tool, since it periodically alerts the user when it’s time for cleaning operations or filter replacement.

    Select your Elica hood, and you’ll discover quality, technology and design.