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Design Fabrizio Crisà

As a skylight, Skydome guarantees a spotlight in the kitchen, creating a dialogue with the surroundings and those living there.



Design Fabrizio Crisà
As a skylight, Skydome guarantees a spotlight in the kitchen, creating a dialogue with the surroundings and those living there.


Skydome is an architectural lighting project, designed to enhance comfort in the kitchen, creating an unexpected atmosphere with an emotional impact that cleverly conceals the powerful and silent extraction system, guaranteeing maximum performance even at a significant distance from the cooktop. As a skylight, the 28-watt full LED panel guarantees uniform and well-calibrated light diffusion on the work surface and in the surrounding area, adjusting the brightness and temperature to achieve the perfect atmosphere at all times. Thanks to the Smart Remote control, Skydome can also act as the kitchen lighting hub, allowing you to manage additional lighting systems as well. Minimum space is required for installation thanks to the installation choices (5 directions) for the blower unit or wide range of external motors (4 versions). The super slim version is suitable for even the most demanding installations, with its signature compact size, up to 16 cm, without sacrificing high extraction power. The product can be converted into filter mode with an attractive accessory that guarantees excellent performance in terms of extraction and odour removal.


Clean air, healthy air. Automatically.
A sensor tests air-quality at any moment of the day. If it detects vapours, even polluting vapours (like solvents or cigarette smoke), the hood will switch on and adjust extraction power automatically. And will switch off once the air is clean again.

Comfort Silence

The power is there, but is silent.
Kitchens are ever more being designed as open spaces, so blending all in one with the living room. Having a hood is becoming a must, as it will ensure perfect extraction of fumes and odors without generating disturbing noises. The extremely low noise level of our hoods and extractor cooktops, ensure you the maximum well-being, so you can cook and hold a conversation with ease while you’re busy preparing your recipe.


Wi-Fi and app: remote controls.
Our hoods can be operated by a vocal assistant and smartphone: with the Elica app you can switch them on or off, adjust their power as well as the colour tone and intensity of lights. Through this app, you can promptly contact Elica assistance, keep an eye on the status of your filters (thanks to periodic notifications) and know whether they need cleaning or maintenance.

Dim Light

Lighting: as much and however you want it.
With this feature, you can adjust the lighting of your hood: bright light or dim light, as you prefer.

Long Life Filter

Maintenance Alarm

Total Integration

Tune White

Delay Switch Off

Long Life Filter++

Super Easy Installation

Technical Specifications

Weight (Kg)
NO MOTOR: 21,7kg
H30: 27,2kg
H16: 24,5kg
Dimensions (cm)
Energy Class
H30: A
H16: A
Minimum distance from wall unit induction/radiant surface
Minimum distance from wall unit gas hob
Duct Transition
NO MOTOR: Led Panel 28WW - 2700 K - 5000 KK - 1683
H30: Pannello Led 28 WW - 2700 K - 5000 KK - 1459
H16: Pannello Led 28 WW - 2700 K - 5000 KK - 1459
H30: 298W
H16: 303W

NO MOTOR: 230m3/h - 840m3/h
H30: 200m3/h - 465m3/h
H16: 275m3/h - 540m3/h
Noise level min
NO MOTOR: 28db(A) - 32db(A)
H30: 40db(A) - 53db(A)
H16: 51db(A) - 68db(A)
Radiocomando 3V+2I
NO MOTOR: 230m3/h
H30: 200m3/h
H16: 275m3/h