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The intelligent suction system

Snap ‘Air Quality Balancer’ is an innovative product for aspiration of bad air, and is able to monitor and improve the quality of the air in your indoor environments automatically by calibrating the device according to your needs and expectations.

How it works? Snap activates automatically and only when it is necessary. It removes odours and pollutants from the environment: dust, pollens, mites, chemical pollutants deriving from smoke, sprays, detergents, paints, cooking odours and smoke, excessive humidity and possible proliferation of bacteria, molds, viruses etc. It monitors the temperature and regulates the outgoing air flow in order to avoid any thermal excursions and consequent dispersal of heat.


  • Your air, always refreshed

    Your air, always refreshed

  • Less odours

    Less odours

  • Maximum autonomy

    Maximum autonomy

  • Wherever you may be

    Wherever you may be

  • Perfect for every environment

    Perfect for every environment

  • In countinual upgrade

    In countinual upgrade

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Did you know

The air inside our home is more polluted than the outdoor air, because every activity that we carry out within the home has a negative impact on indoor air quality.

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Let the air out,
without letting anything else in.

Snap communicates with the outside of your house through a hole in the wall, by means of which it removes unpleasant odours, pollutants and excess vapours from your house.
Snap can do it without any heat dispersion and preventing insects or other unpleasant 'guests' from getting into your house.

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Connectivity Connectivity

Constantly monitored air.

Use the Elica Connect App to access all the advanced control features of your SNAP. This App allows to analyze air quality in real time and set the most suitable operation mode, from anywhere. The included remote control allows users to operate Snap from any place in the room.
Snap is connected to internet through a household Wi-Fi network. Follow the configuration procedure described in the user’s manual to connect your Snap.

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Suitable for all,
perfect for everyone

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