Ingenuity and passion
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Interview with Luigi Dall’Igna - General Manager at Ducati Corse

What does innovation mean to you? 

To innovate means many different things at the same time. It is the courage to make choices that are different from what others are doing. It also means ingenuity, experimenting and finding new solutions. And very often also intuition, which is extremely important: not everything comes from calculation and simulations. Sometimes it is a person's intuition that allows them to take that step that would not otherwise be possible.

How do you prepare for challenges?

Challenges are part of my life. I have always looked for them, even the toughest ones. They are fundamental because they allow us to improve and go beyond our limits. Accepting them means always being competitive and having the will to put yourself on the line. I like challenges.

How valuable is it to be considered an example of Italian excellence in the world?

It is a great satisfaction and above all a great responsibility. Italy is considered a source of excellence in terms of style and passion. Factors that I believe also represent Ducati well.