Maintenance and cleaning

How to clean and degrease kitchen hood filters

To guarantee long durability and proper operation of your hood or induction hob with extractor, you must first keep the filtering system in top condition. Additionally, careful and regular cleaning is essential in avoiding the spread of unpleasant odours, germs and bacteria.


Why is filter maintenance or replacement important?

Regular filter maintenance guarantees:

Comfort Comfort Stagnant grease releases bad odours
Safety Safety A saturated filter can be a fire hazard when cooking
Efficiency Efficiency A clean filter does not obstruct air flow and enhances the product’s air extraction capacity
Hygiene Hygiene Ideal air cleaning power

Grease filter cleaning

There are various types of grease filters, including aluminium filters (the most common), stainless steel filters, steel filters and acrylic filters. The latter, in comparison to the others, must be replaced once every month, while metal filters must be cleaned monthly with gentle detergents, by hand or in the dishwasher at a low temp and short cycle.

Dishwasher washing may discolour metal filters; however, this does not affect their filtering characteristics in any way.

Aluminium grease filters Aluminium grease filters
Paper grease filters Paper grease filters
Stainless steel grease filters Stainless steel grease filters

Cleaning detergents

50 years of experience in the production of domestic kitchen hoods has led Elica to create a line of accessories specifically developed to guarantee protection over time, performance and longer durability of your hood. Our cleaning product line includes: a cream detergent for stainless steel, a multi-purpose cream detergent, multi-use detergent, an antibacterial microfiber cloth, a magic sponge and an ultra-micro fibre cloth.

Utensils Do not use utensils or tools for cleaning.
Alcohol Do not use alcohol.
Abrasive products Avoid the use of abrasive products.

Where can I buy detergents?
All detergents and accessories are available at our Elica Shop.

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Charcoal filter maintenance

Half-line Half-line
Ceramic filter

Ceramic filter

Ceramic filters are modular charcoal filters that are regenerated in the oven every 2/3 months at 200°C for 45 minutes and up to 5 years. This allows for high levels of odour absorbing efficiency and high mechanical resistance.

Regenerable (High Performance) charcoal filter

Regenerable (High Performance) charcoal filter

Odour filter with a very high efficiency level >82%, able to regenerate and last up to a max of 3 years, in comparison to standard filters. To maintain such characteristics, the filters must be washed every 2 or 3 months with warm water and gentle detergents, or in the dishwasher at 65°C and then dried in the oven for 10 minutes at 100°C.

Regenerable charcoal filters

Regenerable charcoal filters

This filter has the same characteristics as HP regenerable charcoal filters, but with a filtering efficiency ranging between 40-60%.

Standard charcoal filter

Standard charcoal filter

Traditional odour filters are made up of a mixture of activated charcoals, which lose efficiency with use and have an average life span of 3-6 months.


Where can I buy detergents?
All detergents and accessories are available at Elica Shop.

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Summary table

Filter type Life Maintenance Filtering efficiency
Ceramic filter 3-5 years 2-3 months 82%
HP regenerable charcoal filters (High Performance) 3 years 2-3 months 82%
Regenerable charcoal filters 3 years 2-3 months 40-60%
Standard charcoal filters 3-6 months No 40-50%

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