Haiku Island
Aesthetics tailored to your desires.
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Haiku Island

Design Fabrizio Crisà

This beautiful island hood is easy to clean and available in a wide range of sizes: from 32 to 180 cm.


Haiku Island

Design Fabrizio Crisà
This beautiful island hood is easy to clean and available in a wide range of sizes: from 32 to 180 cm.

Aesthetics tailored to your desires.

Alignment: perfect. A unique and revolutionary design that combines minimalist lines with cutting-edge materials. The hood body and chimney are perfectly aligned without any breaks, creating a single edge that defines the entire product. Available in various finishes, this hood combines advanced extraction features, extremely silent operation, and energy efficiency, even in the 32 cm model. The regenerable odor filters, lasting up to 3 years, facilitate quick and easy cleaning and maintenance.


Extractor hoods and hobs: hush!

Quiet, and just let the cooking speak.This innovation reduces disturbing noises made by household appliances, even when they are on the highest setting. Finally, you can carry on a conversation or enjoy music surrounded only by the sizzling sound of the food you are making.


For cleaner air, both indoors and outdoors.

Good air is in reach. Sensors that detect quantity and quality of vapours and odours. Reduction of energy consumption. Removal of steam and moisture. Cleaner air does everyone good, and helps the environment too.

Comfort Silence

The power is there, but is silent.
Kitchens are ever more being designed as open spaces, so blending all in one with the living room. Having a hood is becoming a must, as it will ensure perfect extraction of fumes and odors without generating disturbing noises. The extremely low noise level of our hoods and extractor cooktops, ensure you the maximum well-being, so you can cook and hold a conversation with ease while you’re busy preparing your recipe.

Long Life Filter

Odour filters, durability.
Our easy to maintain odour filters, are now even more green: washable and regenerable, with a durability up to 3 years (as compared to -3/6 months of average filters on the market).

Maintenance Alarm

Filters KO’d? You’ll be informed.
A warning light will switch on to signal out to you that grease filters and odour filters have reached their maximum saturation point. It’s time for you to wash or replace them.

Special Material

Materials tailored for your daily needs.
The selection of beautiful materials that are functional, resistant and easy to clean, is our primary concern. The key factors for an appealing design, available in a wide range of colours and finishing touches, that perfectly fit in any kitchen space.

Deep Silence

Led Light

Long Life Filter

Unique Materials

Total Integration

Touch Control Hood

Technical Specifications

Weight (Kg)
Vetro Nero
Dimensions (cm)
Energy Class
Minimum distance from wall unit induction/radiant surface
Minimum distance from wall unit gas hob
Duct Transition
Strip Led 1x7 WW - 3500 KK - 365

155m3/h - 690m3/h
Noise level min
34db(A) - 51db(A)
Pulsantiera elettronica 3V+2I


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