The shape of Extraordinary.

Design Fabrizio Crisà

All you need is Lhov.

The home appliance that didn't exist. Now it does. Oven, hob, kitchen hood: finally together, ready to revolutionise your cooking experience. You decide what to make, it does the rest - for the first time ever.

Lhov is the first All-in-One appliance on the market and its innovations speak for themselves. Its super linear design with black glass combines unparalleled aesthetics and performance: perfectly flush with kitchen units, it offers innovative features, different cooking methods and areas, an amazing touch screen, to fulfil your every need. Last but not least: its latest generation extraction system can capture vapors and odors from the hob and, for the first time ever, the oven too.


Lhov is all you need.

Just one look and you'll know: Lhov will change the way you cook forever.

he design, size, and performance of the never-before-seen combined hob, oven, and extraction system will help you unleash and fully express your creativity. Allowing beginners and experts alike to experiment with new dishes and recipes. Free from worries and filled with satisfaction. With Lhov, cooking becomes an extraordinary experience.

Space Reshaper.

Lhov's design breaks the rules of the product category by combining, for the first time ever, a hob, oven, and hood in one standard-sized appliance (90x36 cm).

This unique feature allows you to perfectly integrate it into your kitchen unit, make the best use of space and enhance your kitchen design. What about the aesthetic impact? It's exceptional, particularly due to its remarkably linear and continuous black glass surfaces, completely free of any handles or knobs.
Total integration
Super easy installation

Odour Stopper.

Say goodbye to getting blasted with steam when you open the oven door.

Lhov's revolutionary extraction core gets rid of fumes and odors not only from the hob, but also from the oven. The ventilation system is automatic and can even target a certain area of the hob: when necessary, it activates only on the side where you are cooking.
Oven air cleaning
Selective autocapture
Long life filter ++
Delay switch off
Maintenance alarm

Oven Hero.

You've never seen an oven quite like this, inside or out.

The width of the oven cavity (30% larger than standard ovens) allows you to bake two trays side by side, large-sized food, or large quantities of savoury snacks or muffins. And that's not all: you can combine traditional cooking methods with steaming, as well heat up only half of the grill to save on energy. Additionally, you can let the oven do all the work for you thanks to its automatic programs - simply selecting the dish - and the food probe.
Ultra Wide Cooking
Food probe
Air frying
Multi Cooking
Automatic Programs
Selective Grill
Sliding guides
Cool door
Soft closing

Smart Control.

Turn it on and be prepared to be wowed: the digital display, stunning and intuitive like a smartphone, gives you control over Lhov's cutting-edge features with just the touch of a finger.

It serves as a genuine central control unit: ergonomic, interactive, with Wi-Fi connectivity (to control Lhov via a voice assistant). The control is smart, even when it comes to power: gone are the days of circuit breakers tripping because of the oven or induction hob. Now you can set a maximum power draw limit at the time of installation: the appliance will warn you when the limit is about to be reached and lets you decide whether or not to exceed the threshold. And what about cleaning? Cleaning is a breeze: the seamless surfaces ensure the highest level of hygiene in a few simply steps; the oven only requires a few drops of soap and a little water to keep it pristine.
Auto Door
Power limitation
Eco clean
Easy to mantain
Child lock

Over the Hob.

It can hardly be called a hob: Lhov definitely sets new standards in induction cooking.

Never before has an extractor hob had 5 cooking zones. Never have cooking zones been so powerful, combinable, even for cooking in large pots. Never has one offered automatic features inspired by professional cooking: to melt butter and chocolate without burning; for slow cooking or to keep prepared dishes warm; to simmer dishes without having to worry about them boiling over. And, for the first time ever, you can preset different power levels for the various cooking zones, allowing you to move a pot - for example - from a rolling boil to a simmer. How is this even possible?Simple: each zone switches on the preset power level when it detects a pot. It really is much more than what it seems.
Cooking flow
Fast boiling
Tasty fry
Bridge zone
Stop & go
Pot self detection

Only with Lhov.

Ultrawide Cooking

As space is amplified, so is control too. So much cooking space. Cooking a great quantity of food even just on one level is now no problem. The use and control over the preparations is now simpler. No more bother over managing more racks.

Oven Air Cleaning

No more hot air in your face. A revolutionary extraction system that traps the air removing vapour fumes and oven odours automatically. No more vapours or fumes seeping out of the oven door.


The good and proper cooking. This cooking mode will exalt the taste and nutritive properties of all your recipes: vegetables, meat, fish, bread.Crispy outside and juicy inside.

Air Frying

Superstar fries. At long last you will now be able to cook your French fries, fish, chicken wings, croquettes and fried vegetables reducing the quantity of oil and exalting their taste and crunchiness.

Automatic Programs

You’re not an expert chef, are you?If not, then this is the right solution for you. Select the type of recipe that you want to prepare, the doneness of cooking (medium, well-done or rare), the number of portions.And the oven does it all for you!

Multi cooking

The sequential change in cooking. Manual programmes can be combined in a sequential way. For example, you can bake bread after it has leavened or grill the lasagne at the end. No more interruptions.

Selective Grill

The perfect grill without wasting: just as you want it. You can now grill different varieties of dishes all at once or use only half of the oven space to cook different dishes side by side: An energy saver.

Auto Door

Handle-less door. The wow factor.Open the oven door in a super smart way. Just gently press on the display or say a simple vocal command (a real give-away when you are holding more than one tray or container).

Cooking flow

Heat regulation with a simple gesture. Switching over from lively boiling cooking to maintaining your food warm is now easy. Simply move the pot from one cooking zone to another. Each zone will activate the pre-set power when it detects the presence of a pot.

Selective Autocapture

‘Aspire’ wherever and whenever needed. A smart oven able to detect active cooking zones, starts extraction only where necessary.A surprisingly nice saving for you further improved by a system which reduces the extraction power at the end of the cooking process, thus eliminating residual vapours.

Technical Specifications

Black glass
User Interface
7" TFT Multicolor
Dimensions cut extractor hobs
13 kW
Güç sınırlaması
220-240 V
Child lock

number of cooking zones
Left Front Cooking Area
22x18,4 cm - 2,1/3,7 kW
Left Rear Cooking Area
22x18,4 cm - 2,1/3,7 kW
Rear Central Cooking Area
22x18,4 cm - 1,85 kW
Right Upper Cooking Zone
22x18,4 cm - 2,1/3,7 kW
Right Front Cooking Area
22x18,4 cm - 2,1/3,7 kW
Bridge işlevi
yes -2
Cooking Levels
Cooking Flow
Automatic pot position detection

Enerji Sınıfı
Hava akış hızı
1100 m3/h
62 db(A)
Suction levels
Duct-out | Filtering
Vapour extraction from the oven
Selective Autocapture

Enerji Sınıfı
Sıcaklık aralığı
30 - 280 °C
Boşluk hacmi
63 l
Gıda probu
Door opening
Soft Closing
Number of door windows
Cold door 3 panes
4 Led - 2,6W
3 wire guides + 1 telescopic level
Hydrolytic with steam
Classic cooking programmes
Conventional, Fan, Eco Fan, Grill, Fan grill, Slow cooking, Bottom, Air Fry, Pizza, Bread, Intensive
Special programmes
Steam 100%, High humidity, Medium humidity, Low humidity, Pizza, Bread, Intensive, Regeneration
Steam cooking programmes
Steam 100%, High humidity, Medium humidity, Low humidity, Pizza, Bread, Frozen food, Regeneration
Automatic programmes
Rapid preheating
Time scheduling options
Scheduled start and scheduled end
Multi Cooking
Number of fans
Water tank capacity
1 l

Glass baking tray
Gıda probu
Grill support frame
Steam set
Air Fry grill
Additional pizza supports

Metal drip pan