Design hoods: Kitchen décor elements
Design hoods: Kitchen décor elements article detail

The hood as a basic home décor element

Kitchen hoods play a key role in creating a well-operating kitchen and in making it a healthy and livable space. Kitchens have changed their ‘identity’ over time: not just work areas but true living places, where culinary arts can be experienced together with families and friends, in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.

Décor hoods are models specifically designed to follow today’s new modern kitchen trend: pure design elements able to maintain continuity in  an open space environment, or make the kitchen an all-in-one space where to spend special  moments of our days in good company.  Here are the factors that make hoods one-of-a-kind design elements, in addition to what solutions Elica has to offer in kitchen décor.    

Décor hoods: why the kitchen has become the new living room

The kitchen has always been the most lived in room of the house:  it is a family gathering place and has always been a big part of our memories. The market launch of new appliances and the development of key kitchen elements have increasingly accentuated this new kitchen trend: no longer just a place to cook meals, isolated from the rest of the home, but a true modern living space, with high- design solutions able to match the style of the entire house.

Similarly to other kitchen appliances, such as hobs, refrigerators or electric ovens that have evolved into sophisticated and varied design forms to meet different aesthetic needs, also  hoods have been launched into the market with a new look:  this is where the concept of design hoods, or décor hoods comes from, to identify those models that combine top performance extraction systems with highly refined stylistic shapes.

Appearance is no longer a minor factor: offering retractable solutions, suspended or island hoods, is our answer  to the need of seeing  hoods as true décor elements,  able to meet various kitchen design and architectural needs.

As a result, multiple factors should be taken into account when choosing a hood: not just high technical content, but also a look that is in line with the concept of the kitchen as an everyday living space.

Design hoods: Elica's type and solutions

Various types of design hoods exist on the market. Completely different hood models that can perfectly blend in with the style of other kitchen appliances: wall-mounted solutions, retractable technologies, or central hanging elements may, in some cases, be fundamental elements of kitchen design.

Wall-mounted hoods are traditional extraction system solutions, nevertheless they still  represent an important design factor: they can perfectly blend into kitchen cabinets and “disappear” out of sight, enhancing  the homogeneous lines of furniture, or stand out as unique and consistent shapes to become distinguishing  elements of the look of the room. Elica offers a vast catalog selection of wall-mounted hoods that can meet both needs: from classic, elegant and discreet design models like Adele, to pure design solutions and refined lines such as Plat. All models are available in various colors and finishes, thus offering various kitchen component combinations.

More discreet solutions are represented by hoods that perfectly blend into the kitchen, thus  creating absolute continuity with the entire space. This type of hood, despite its minimal impact, may become a distinguishing décor element. Elica solutions have been designed to enhance technical and aesthetic features:  Boxin is a built-in hood,  perfectly integrated with the kitchen furnishings, that disappears into its support to leave room for cabinets;  Lullaby, on the other hand, is a ceiling hood that can discreetly redefine the aesthetic design of the entire kitchen, with a natural oak (or lacquered white) top and a one-of-a-kind lighting system.  There are various models to choose from, and with some careful attention, it’s easy to find the solution that perfectly adapts to your space.

For anyone looking for an iconic and distinguishing element, with innovative design, then the best choice is a suspended hood. This particular type of hood, where the extraction system, -necessarily working in filtering mode-, hangs from the ceiling onto the hob, just like a classic chandelier. Therefore, its shapes and contrast with other kitchen elements can make a suspended hood a distinctive design factor: Elica Summilux is a unique hood model, with integrated lighting and a high-quality filtering system, for anyone in the market for an innovative extraction system.