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The Square. home preview

The Square.

This is our magazine. Pages featuring open exchanges with our market, the latest trends in living, and the evolution of cooking. And with each of you.

Elica Propulsion Laboratory home preview

Elica Propulsion Laboratory

Established in 2007, this is the hub where we certify innovative products that are in compliance with safety, energy savings and electromagnetic compatibility related standards and regulations.

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Ermanno Casoli Foundation home preview

Ermanno Casoli Foundation

The Ermanno Casoli Foundation (FEC) was established in 2007. Its aim has always been to promote activities in which art serves as an educational tool and method to spark innovative processes, even within the workplace.

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Elica & Ducati. Teaming up at the 2024 MotoGP World Championship home preview

Elica & Ducati. Teaming up at the 2024 MotoGP World Championship

Elica is the sponsor of the 2024 MotoGP Ducati racing team, which won the last two MotoGP world titles with Francesco Bagnaia.

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