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Hood Wall-mounted OPEN SUITE Elica


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Design Fabrizio Crisà

Open Suite: modular, innovative and connected. 
A new dimension in the kitchen. 



Product benefits

  • Maintenance Alarm Maintenance Alarm
  • Connectivity Connectivity
  • Long Life Filter Long Life Filter
  • Dim Light Dim Light
  • Tune White Tune White
  • Easy Maintenance Easy Maintenance

Technical features

Open Suite adds character to any space with its modular, customizable structure and one-of-a-kind recognizable style, thus creating a new “dimension” in the kitchen. 
Starting with two basic ‘structures’  (80 or 160cm), it is possible to create your own composition by adding extraction units, light panels, and a wide selection of shelving: glass (light or smoke), metal, black metal wire mesh and walnut. In addition, the shelving can be coordinated with the rest of the kitchen thanks to the optional frame.  
The bottom part of the product has a large, strategically placed LED panel. This not only provides great light while cooking, but also creates the perfect ambient lighting for entertaining family and friends. The Dim Light feature regulates brightness, whereas the Tune White feature adjusts the LED colour, from cool white to warmer tones, thus creating the perfect atmosphere.  
Open Suite guarantees maximum odour filtering performance levels, thanks to the double extraction unit and special environmentally- friendly Long Life filters, which are regenerable up to 3 years.  
Through the vocal assistant and the Elica Connect App, it is possible to switch the appliance on or off, regulate the extraction power level and adjust light brightness. Thanks to the App, filter efficiency can be monitored and any type of assistance may be requested in just a few simple clicks. 
  • Width

    80, 160cm

  • Size

    80 - 160 cm

  • Version


  • Finishes

    Black soft touch effect

  • Lighting

    Led Panel 1x14W (80cm) - 2x14W (160cm) 2700K - 5200K

  • Controls

    3S+2B Electronic push button

  • Max airflow

    1000 м³/час

  • Min-Max Noise Level

    64 - 69 db(A)

  • Total absorption

    261 W (80cm) - 282 W (160cm)


Grease aluminium filter included

Regenerable charcoal filter included



  • OPEN SUITE BL/F/80 PRF0166703

  • OPEN SUITE BL/F/160 PRF0167007

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