It was an Extraordinary Design Week.

The key to evolution is breaking rules, going beyond standards and letting go of outdated ideas.
Ordinary is not for us.

The Elica stand.

Our stand opens with an installation featuring multiple propellers: a metaphor that serves as a reminder of the company's roots. Air is the common thread running through every room, where every aspect of the visitor experience evokes the extraordinary nature of Elica.

The Elica stand.

Calvi & Brambilla and partners

Since 2006, Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla have worked together, specialising in interior design, exhibition design, and product design. Their approach is inspired by the great masters of Italian design, capable of working on different scales, bringing life to projects laden with subtle irony but always grounded on functional purpose.



The shape of Extraordinary. The home appliance that didn't exist. Now it does. Oven, hob, kitchen hood: finally together, ready to revolutionise your cooking experience. You decide what to make, it does the rest - for the first time ever.

Discover Lhov.

Extraordinary Cooking.

Elica's innovative products like the NikolaTesla extractor hobs, ovens, induction hobs, and wine coolers bring innovation, cutting-edge features, and exceptional design into the kitchen. And so, cooking becomes extraordinary.


Straordinaria - Palazzo Litta

FuoriSalone Award winner 2024 - Media Partner Special Mention


Being extraordinary, air, cooking: this is the Elica concept for FuoriSalone 2024, brought to life by international artists in a prestigious location in the heart of Milan.

The stand showcases Elica's philosophy and its ability to challenge the ordinary, through innovation in design, performance, and its commitment to reduce consumption and environmental impact. A way of thinking that translates into creativity, technology and features in cooking, constantly seeking beauty and user-friendliness.



Inspired by the lightness of clouds, the installation is an inviting space to immerse yourself in an unexpected and surprising ethereal space. Colorful translucent tubes, hanging from above, swaying with the natural movements of air, evoke a sense of lightness and warmth - two distinctive elements of Elica.


Palazzo Litta - Courtyard of Honour

The historical building located in Corso Magenta, is a fine example of Lombard Baroque style, and among one the most quintessential locations of the FuoriSalone in Milan. The installation dominates the inner courtyard, surrounded by an elegant portico.


“We have been inspired by natural elements, the venue and the concept of "Straordinaria" to give birth to an installation where nature, beauty and color blend together to offer visitors a sensory journey around ‘air’. The true essence of the brand has guided us in the search for an authentic interpretation of its values. The ’ relation’ and ‘contact’ with shapes, materials, hues and depth allow visitors to enjoy a special connection with elements.”


Elica, Ermanno Casoli Foundation& we+

The “Straordinaria” installation, is curated by Marcello Smarrelli (artistic director of the FEC), and designed by Japanese design studio we+ founded by Toshiya Hayashi and Hokuto Ando. The Ermanno Casoli Foundation (FEC) was founded in 2007 in honour of our founder. Its aim has always been to promote activities in which art serves as an educational tool and method to spark innovative processes, even within the workplace. A pioneer in exploring the potential of dialogue between art and business, the foundation has become a model for corporate training in Italy.

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