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Hood Island Ikona Maxxi Pure Elica

Ikona Maxxi Pure

Elica Air Pure

Design Fabrizio Crisà

A hood and air purifier in just one appliance, taking care of your household air throughout the entire day.  



Product benefits

  • Delay Switch Off Delay Switch Off
  • Maintenance Alarm Maintenance Alarm
  • Long Life Filter Long Life Filter
  • Easy Maintenance Easy Maintenance
  • Combo Pure Filter Combo Pure Filter
  • Multifunction Multifunction
  • Pure Silence Pure Silence
  • Motor 1200 Motor 1200

Technical features

Ikona Maxxi Pure combines a hood and air purifier into one appliance: the hood removes odors and cooking vapors, while the air purifier rids the environment of allergens such as dust, pet hair and pollen. In addition to pollutants released by molds, cleaning products and interior coverings, thus providing a feeling of overall wellness.  
2 in 1 Product designed to improve air quality and save space: with Ikona Maxxi Pure there is no additional device needed (often inconvenient or cumbersome), or complicated air monitoring systems. 
The purifier is equipped with a COMBO PURE FILTER, a special combination of HEPA and charcoal filters that capture particles up to 1 micron, able to relieve allergic symptoms and possible discomfort caused by indoor pollutants, protecting household spaces and contributing in improving the overall atmosphere in the home. 
In “Super Silent” mode, the noise level is inaudible, perfect for prolonged background use without any noise pollution. For a faster speed, just put it into "Boost" mode, and Ikona Maxxi Pure, in only 20 minutes, will completely regenerate the air in a lived-in space of 30m² (equal to the size of a medium-large kitchen together with a living area). 
Thanks to “Smart Alert,” maintenance is fast and user-friendly: Ikona Maxxi Pure will alert you when its filters need to be replaced, always guaranteeing clean air. 
With its 120cm in width and timeless pyramid shape, it perfectly blends into any kitchen style, thanks to a 7W LED strip that illuminates the worktop efficiently and with low power consumption. 
Ikona Maxxi Pure is available in black soft touch effect or stainless-steel finishes, offering a wide range of installation options: duct out or recycling, wall-mounted or hanging, with or without an extraction chimney, with left or right sided positioning. 
Home décor, lighting and air purification all-in-one: wellness begins in the home. 
  • Width

    44, 120cm

  • Energy class



  • Size

    120x44 cm

  • Version


  • Finishes

    Stainless steel, black soft touch effect

  • Lighting

    Strip LED 1x7 W 3500 K

  • Controls

    3S+B Electronic push button

  • Min-Max Noise Level

    47-62 db(A)

  • Total absorption

    200 W


  • Controls

    2S Electronic push button

  • Min-Max Noise Level

    37 - 66 db(A)

  • Total absorption

    175 W

  • For room up to

    30 m²

  • Filtered particles

    Dust/dust mites, animal dander, pollens, molds, sigarettes smoke, stoves combustibles, formaldehyde (paintings and coating), cooking odors.


AGrease aluminium filter included
Regenerable charcoal filter included
Hepa-Charcoal filter included



Click here to download Energy Label and Product Fiche




  • IKONA MAXXI PURE IX/F/120 PRF0171196


Available finishes and colours

Hood Island Ikona Maxxi Pure Elica


Hood Island Ikona Maxxi Pure Elica


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