How to choose an induction hob with integrated hood

How to choose an induction hob with integrated hood

Let’s find out together how an induction hob with integrated hood works and what you should consider when making your decision.

Hobs with integrated hoods are an innovative solution that saves precious kitchen space, while offering a new cooking experience, thanks to the combination of two appliances in one. New models of hoods, integrated directly into induction hobs, have been developed in the last few years, to meet the needs of anyone who desires design that enhances clean lines and open spaces. An efficient design solution that makes the best use of available kitchen space, without compromising on performance.

So now, let’s look at what is meant by an induction hob with integrated hood, along with some helpful tips in making the best choice possible.

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What is an induction hob with integrated hood?

Understanding the technology behind an induction hob is a good first step in making an informed purchase.

The induction hob, was, and still is a groundbreaking innovation in this field. The electromagnetic induction principle has allowed for more control during food preparation, such as:

  • Temperature adjustment
  • Even heating
  • Cooking time
  • Faster heating and maintaining a steady temperature

These advanced features have made induction hobs extremely competitive in their field in a short period of time, also providing energy saving benefits, with an obvious reduction in energy consumption.

Further advances in technology have led to the development of the extractor hob, which combines all the advantages of induction cooking with air purification, in one, single highly efficient space saving system.

In fact, market research shows that customers tend to prefer an open concept kitchen and living room, which is great for entertaining. The choice of appliances follows this trend, as they must provide top performance and offer a refined aesthetic, in harmony with the surrounding space.

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Induction hob with integrated hood: which to choose

In choosing an induction hob with integrated hood, you need to consider parameters relating to cooking and extraction performance, as well as product aesthetics.

With regard to the cooking feature, it is worth considering:

  • available sizes/space, even if there are many hobs for every size and shape, so finding the most suitable solution is simple
  • cooking temperature control, that can be two degrees or a wider set of programmable temperatures for each burner
  • safety system, such as automatic shutdown

In addition to these specifics concerning induction hobs in general, the introduction of an integrated hood entails that other parameters related to its operation need to be considered, such as:

  • Operation mode, which can be duct out or filtering
  • Intensive extraction flow rate, expressed in m³/h, indicates the air volume the system is capable of extracting in an hour of operation. The higher it is, the less fumes dispersed into the environment
  • noise level, in dB (decibel), system noise index

When planning to purchase a new extractor hob you must consider the technical requirements necessary to install the hob. In fact, such solutions require available power levels of 3-4 kW, not always possible in the home.

Induction hobs with integrated hoods, in addition to having highly competitive extraction capacity and noise levels, make the kitchen extremely more livable and elegant than traditional hood systems.

Find out more about Elica’s NikolaTesla extractor hobs and choose the model that best suits your kitchen style.

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