Going beyond what already exists. Going beyond the usual limits, standards and clichés. This is innovation according to Elica.

A passionate and practical approach that defies rules with expertise, research, and technology. Improving everyone's daily life with new solutions that are both accessible and simple to use.

Innovation is visionary and pragmatic. It gazes at the stars with its feet firmly planted to the ground. It springs to life in intentions and intuitions, but also through facts and figures.

Otherwise, it does not exist.


To date, we have filed 658 patents: 283 technical and 402 design ones.


Established in 2007, this is the hub where we certify innovative products that are in compliance with safety, energy savings and electromagnetic compatibility related standards and regulations.

Open to the outside world, it is utilised by Italian and international companies operating in various sectors: household appliances, electronics, refrigeration, heating, electronic traffic lights, soundproofing materials for buildings.

EPL is certified under UNI EN/IEC ISO 17025 standards and serves as a technological hub for research, verification and certification of materials, components, and finished products.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and tools, it boasts a team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in electrical, mechanical, physical, electro-technical, and chemical engineering.

The testing areas cover electrical and mechanical safety, energy efficiency, noise analysis and measurement, electromagnetic compatibility, and the reliability of materials, components and finished products.

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We have developed technologies to enhance our household appliances, to make life better for everyone, and not only in the kitchen.