NikolaTesla One HP
An icon in design and performance.
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NikolaTesla One HP

Design Fabrizio Crisà

Winner of the XXV Compasso d'Oro ADI, this extractor hob brings the value of excellent design and cutting-edge performance to your home. Class A++ rating.


NikolaTesla One HP

Design Fabrizio Crisà
Winner of the XXV Compasso d'Oro ADI, this extractor hob brings the value of excellent design and cutting-edge performance to your home. Class A++ rating.

An icon in design and performance.

High-performing aesthetics. The Compasso d'Oro is among the world's most prestigious design awards. It is a mark that transforms creations into timeless icons. Just like this induction hob with integrated extraction system, boasting elegant aesthetics with professional-grade inspired cooking functions. It allows you to: melt butter or chocolate without constant stirring; enhance slow cooked meals; prevent water from boiling over when cooking at high temperatures. You can also bridge two cooking zones to ensure even heat distribution, even when cooking with large pots. And that's not all: the appliance has an invisible extraction system that is self-adjusting based on the cooking zone in use. What's its secret? The innovative combined grease and odor filter, activated by a cutting-edge motor that ensures quiet operation and energy efficiency, even at full power. Boasting one of the highest energy efficiency ratings available, its maintenance is remarkably simple.


Extractor hoods and hobs: hush!

Quiet, and just let the cooking speak.This innovation reduces disturbing noises made by household appliances, even when they are on the highest setting. Finally, you can carry on a conversation or enjoy music surrounded only by the sizzling sound of the food you are making.


For cleaner air, both indoors and outdoors.

Good air is in reach. Sensors that detect quantity and quality of vapours and odours. Reduction of energy consumption. Removal of steam and moisture. Cleaner air does everyone good, and helps the environment too.


Expert chef features, designed especially for you.

Professional inspiration for your kitchen. Our household appliances have been designed to improve your kitchen experience, both in terms of living space and cooking methods for your dishes and recipes. This is why we have studied highly advanced professional cooking solutions, transforming them into innovative yet easy- to- use features tailored specifically for you.


Automatic extraction, energy saving.
A function that does it all on its own. The extraction power of the hood is adjusted depending on the type of cooking that has been commenced. The smart system immediately understands when to reduce or switch it off, thus optimising your energy consumption.

Bridge Zone

XXL pots: there is room for them too.
Having problems with oval-shaped or bigger-sized pots? This function transforms two cooking zones into a bigger size one, ensuring you the same power level and constant temperature for a homogeneous cooking

Child Lock

Children always safe and protected.
No worries! This function prevents the accidental switching on of cooking zones or extraction areas.

Delay Switch Off

Power off delayed, and no more worries.
With this timer, you can set the automatic switching off of the hood following a prefixed time. Keeping it on even after having cooked will eliminate any odours or humidity. No problem! It’ll switch off on its own anyway!

Fast Boiling

Maintenance Alarm

Melting Mode

Pot Self-Detection


Simmering Mode

Tasty Fry


Warming Mode

Total Integration

Easy to Maintain

Long Life Filter++


Technical Specifications

Weight (Kg)
Duct-out: 28.1kg
Filtering: 32.7kg
Width (cm)
Energy Class
Dimensions cut on top
Engine power
7400 WKW

MOTOR 1000
Duct-out: 1000

MOTOR 1200

Airflow mix duct-out
Airflow max duct-out
Airflow boost duct-out
Airflow Filtering
Airflow max filtering
Airflow Boost Filtering
Suction speed
Noise level min duct-out
34db(A) - 66db(A)
Noise level min filtering
40db(A) - 72db(A)
9S+B Slider touch control
Engine power
175 W

9P+B Touch control direct slider
Power limitation
Number of bridge zones
Front left cooking zone
OCTA 22x18,4 cm - 2,1/3,7 kW
Right front cooking zone
OCTA 22x18,4 cm - 2,1/3,7 kW
Rear left cooking zone
OCTA 22x18,4 cm - 2,1/3,7 kW
Rear right cooking zone
OCTA 22x18,4 cm - 2,1/3,7 kW