FAQ - Hoods

The model of every product is indicated on the rating plate. There is a 12-digit code on the plate which starts with “208” called 12NC. You normally have to remove the aluminium filter grille to access the rating label. In some models, however, the rating label is also duplicated in the product documentation.

It is a 12-digit number that starts with 208 and is found on the product’s rating plate. This code is essential for identifying the hood model, ordering filters, accessories and/or spare parts, as well as requesting a technical service intervention.

If the rating plate deteriorates or is hard to read, please attach a photo of it to the form in the Contact Us section. We will try to recover the product data necessary to solve the request.

Elica hoods can be installed in 2 different versions:

  • The EXTRACTOR hood expels the air outside the home. It is the most common type as it guarantees high performance, high flow rate and minimum noise.
  • The FILTERING version removes unpleasant odours through a special filter and reintroduces the air into the kitchen area. This type is suitable in situations where there is no outlet hole, avoiding external heat dispersion.

The choice of ducting pipe depends on the type of configuration required for the kitchen. We recommend using:

  • a flexible ducting pipe for a direct outlet.
  • a rigid ducting pipe for a short section or if there are bends. 
    This type of ducting pipe produces less noise than flexible or corrugated ducting pipes.

You can download our ducting pipe guide at this link.

A ducting pipe with a diameter the same size as the hood outlet is required to achieve the best performance. 

If this is not possible, we recommend a maximum 20% reduction in the pipe diameter. Ducting pipes with diameters reduced more than 20% of the hood outlet hole diameter result in a negative impact on the flow rate and noise level of the hood. 

Some models do not provide for reductions, so we recommend checking the product manual to see if this is possible.

Elica recommends installing the extractor version of the hood because it guarantees a better performance, high flow rate and low noise levels. 

Only in cases where it is impossible to install a pipe to expel the air to the outside due to logistical and space reasons (for example, where there is no outlet hole), then install or convert the hood into a filtering version.

Most Elica hoods can be converted from extractor to filtering and vice versa. 

To correctly convert the hood, always check the instruction manual and purchase the necessary accessories. 

If you would like to find out if your hood can be converted, please write to us using the form in the Contact Us section indicating the 12NC of the hood in question.

The non-return valve is needed to avoid external air or fumes from the chimney flue from entering, and to prevent the access of foreign bodies into the motor.

It may only be installed in duct out version hoods. (with external ducting).

The hood should be regularly cleaned both internally and externally with gentle, neutral detergents and fully dried once finished. 

The metallic mesh grease filter - similar to a grid and found at the opening of the hood – must be cleaned about once a month with gentle detergents, by hand or in the dishwasher at low temp and short cycle.

Hoods installed in FILTERING mode remove unpleasant odors through a specific filter, recycling air back into the kitchen through the openings in the upper part. 

This type of product is suitable in situations without external evacuation outlets. In this version, it is essential to replace or regularly maintain the charcoal filter according to its type (check instructions in the booklet).

Internal hood cleaning must be done using soft cloths and neutral detergents. 

Before starting, unplug the product from its power source and only reconnect it after having thoroughly dried all damp parts. 

Avoid contact with electrical wires or other functional product parts. 

Wear protective cut-proof gloves.

Non tutti i modelli di cappe Elica vengono venduti con la dima di foratura all’interno della confezione. 

Se si desidera conoscere se un particolare modello ne è provvisto o richiederne una in particolare, è consigliabile compilare il form nella sezione contattaci indicando il codice a 12 cifre che inizia con “208” riportato nell’etichetta caratteristiche presente all’interno del prodotto o il codice PRF che puoi trovare sul catalogo o sul sito www.elica.com nella sezione del prodotto.

The hole drilling template is already included in the hood packaging in the products where it is present. T

o request one in advance, fill in the form in the Support section, providing the 12-digit code which starts with “208”, indicated on the rating plate inside the product or the PRF code which you can find in the catalogue or on the www.elica.com website in the product section. 

Check the measurements indicated in the document and the relevant scale before printing it.

The diameter of the outlet hole should never be reduced more than 20% of the original diameter. 

Reducing it by more than 20% will significantly decrease the performance of the hood and increase the noise level. For example, if the outlet hole is 150 mm, the section can be reduced to 125 mm at the most. If the outlet hole is 125 mm, it can be reduced to 100 mm. 

You can buy original ducting pipes at this link. 

In some models, it is not possible to reduce the diameter of the fumes outlet hole, so we recommend checking the indications in the manual which can be downloaded from the Elica website in the product data sheet of the relevant model.

In this case, in order to achieve an attractive aesthetic look, a modification must be made to create a false ceiling which allows the upper flue to have a partial excursion. 

Any changes to the product will void the legal warranty. It is important to follow the steps indicated in the manual to ensure correct installation.

The ventilation hole for the extractor version is not required because the hood ducting pipe acts as the hole required by law. If there is a fumes non-return valve in the hood, the hole is necessary because the standard requires that there is always an external outlet to avoid the accumulation of harmful dioxides. 

Before installing the hood, you should download the technical data to find out about the product’s technical information.

Positioning the hood at a lower height than indicated in the instruction manual will void the warranty and endanger the user’s safety as certain safety conditions may be lost. 

Moreover, if the installation instructions of the hob specify a greater distance, this should be taken into account.

The chimney that covers the piping is included in many Elica models, and the installation instructions are found in the booklet. Instead, in other models the chimney is an accessory to be purchased separately, if needed, and relative installation instructions are found in the packaging. 

We suggest referring to a specialized shop that will advise you based on what you need. 
Find your nearest retailer at the following link: Distribution | Elica.