Genius in the kitchen.

Cooking Genius

NikolaTesla is the name we have given to our super performing extractor hob line. It is a tribute not only to the revolutionary inventor, but also to the concept underpinning these appliances, distinguished by a design that won the Compasso D’Oro Award. Our design always goes hand-in-hand with cutting-edge technology, capable of enhancing your daily cooking experience.

Induction and gas. Compact in size, with integrated scale. Operated by knobs or touch controls. NikolaTesla hob line offers unparalleled aesthetic and functional versatility, designed to accommodate different spaces, styles, and culinary preferences. Innovative performance and energy savings complete all the features each model has to offer.
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Why opt for a NikolaTesla extractor hobs?

It has super powers.

It is invisible, smart and ultra-performing.

The NikolaTesla extraction core is cleverly concealed in the centre of the hob. You can’t see it, but it’s there. It captures fumes, odours and vapours as soon as they are released, before they rise from the pot or pan and invade your cooking space.

Up to
640 m³/h
640 m³/h extraction\filtering power
Up to
5,1 m/s
5,1 m/s fume capture speed

It is silent.

You will hear only what you want to hear in the kitchen.

At last, you can focus solely on enjoying music and conversations while you cook. NikolaTesla hobs are equipped with latest generation motors, which reduce noise and energy consumption, even when set to maximum extraction or filtering power levels. A remarkable innovation, especially in an open-plan kitchen living room.

61 db (A)
61 DbA at max power

Seriously easy.

Ergonomic, intuitive, and easy-to-operate controls.

Digital display or analog knobs? Extraction, advanced cooking functions, automatic features, maximum ergonomics in your cooking space: regardless of the NikolaTesla model you choose, the user-friendly control interface is always at hand.

Smart Cleaning.

Inside and out, fast and well.

Cleaning surfaces and internal parts has never been faster: each aesthetic element has been designed to be linear, almost seamless, making them easy to clean. The grease filter is easy to remove from the top and is dishwasher safe. And what if liquids spill into the extraction opening? No problem: the internal valve drains them out always keeping it clean and sanitary.

Efficient and effective filters.

Highly performing, regenerable, removable.

Our air filtering system is among the most efficient on the market in removing fumes and odours. It has been designed to reduce both waste and environmental footprint: our filters are regenerable for up to 5 years and easy to remove when they need to be serviced or replaced. The filtering version of NikolaTesla hobs guarantee a filtering efficiency up to 80%.

Where can you buy them?

All grease filters, charcoal filters and other accessories are available at the Elica Shop. Shop Elica.

Expert features.

Inspired by professional kitchens.

NikolaTesla models stimulate your creativity, no matter how skilled you are behind the stove (or rather, the hob). They are equipped with features that will help you in trying out new recipes: to melt butter and chocolate without burning; to heat sauces and creams; to simmer dishes without bothersome overspill. Furthermore, they offer extra-large cooking zones or the possibility to use two adjacent cooking zones to accommodate large pots.

Eco Cooking.

Reducing energy consumption, at least in the kitchen.

Our commitment to reducing consumption and environmental impact is evident in NikolaTesla hobs, that can even reach an A++ energy class (a remarkable accomplishment for this category). And that’s not all: the extraction system filters are regenerable and can last up to 5 years; packaging is 100% recyclable. And Elica induction saves up to 25% in energy.

Size matters.

Perfect in any space.

Designed to enhance any kitchen, NikolaTesla hobs are available in various versions 60, 70, 80 and 90 cm, compatible with any standard kitchen base (both island and wall-mounted versions). They can be installed in duct-out or filtering modes, even flush with the countertop, without compromising drawer depth and baseboard height. This flexibility makes the entire line extremely versatile and and capable of adapting to any space, style and need.

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