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Hood Wall HAIKU Elica


Design Fabrizio Crisà

The First wall-mounted hood with adjustable depth that guarantees the kitchen cabinet linearity, combining essential lines and cutting-edge materials that shapes your living space with a touch of distinctiveness.



Product benefits

  • Maintenance Alarm Maintenance Alarm
  • Special Material Special Material
  • Back Aspiration Back Aspiration
  • Total Integration Total Integration
  • Comfort Silence Comfort Silence
  • Long Life Filter Long Life Filter

Technical features

Modern kitchens are increasingly characterized by urban style, and it is totally matched by the revolutionary design with professional appeal of Haiku. 
Haiku is the first hood that perfectly fits the linear kitchen style, without handles or linear alterations, providing an additional advantage in cleaning operations. Moreover, Haiku is characterized by the innovative SHIFT 3238 System, that allows to largely simplifies installation and to millimetric adjust the hood body depth (from 32 to 38 cm). 
In just 32cm of depth Haiku integrates advanced solutions that have made it possible to obtain excellent results in terms of aspiration, silence and energy efficiency. The hood is equipped with the Comfort Silence technology that allows to reach a high level of silence at all speeds.
Additionally Haiku is designed to offer an easy and safe experience during the filters maintenance, which is ensured by the locking system of the 3D casted grids that prevents their release, allows to easly remove and clean them in the dishwasher.
  • Width

    32, 60, 90, 120cm

  • Energy class


  • Size

    32 - 60 - 90 - 120 cm

  • Version

    Duct out

  • Finishes

    Black glass, white Krion, stainless steel

  • Lighting

    Strip Led 1x7 W 3500 K

  • Controls

    3S + 2B Touch Control

  • Noise Level

    51 db(A)

  • Total absorption

    277 W

  • Booster Airflow

    690 m³/h

  • Duct size

    150 mm


Grease aluminium Filter included. 

Possibility for installation in extraction or filtration mode, without the aid of the upper chimney, remaining within a height of 680 mm. 




  • HAIKU BL/A/120 PRF0146266

  • HAIKU BL/A/32 PRF0146263

  • HAIKU BL/A/60 PRF0146264

  • HAIKU BL/A/90 PRF0146265

  • HAIKU CONCRETE/A/120 PRF0146261

  • HAIKU CONCRETE/A/32 PRF0146258

  • HAIKU CONCRETE/A/60 PRF0146259

  • HAIKU CONCRETE/A/90 PRF0146260

  • HAIKU IX/A/120 PRF0146257

  • HAIKU IX/A/32 PRF0146254

  • HAIKU IX/A/60 PRF0146255

  • HAIKU IX/A/90 PRF0146256

  • HAIKU WH/A/120 PRF0146270

  • HAIKU WH/A/32 PRF0146267

  • HAIKU WH/A/60 PRF0146268

  • HAIKU WH/A/90 PRF0146269


Available finishes and colours

Hood Wall HAIKU Elica


Hood Wall HAIKU Elica


Hood Wall HAIKU Elica


Hood Wall HAIKU Elica


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